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Brain Boost Plus Review
Brain Boost Plus Review

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Brain Boost Plus

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Brain Boost Plus is one of the best nootropic supplement on the market and also a best seller on Amazon. The natural ingredients in this supplement help anxiety and stress. In addition, it improves cognitive functions such as concentration and memory retention. Lifestyle Labs, the manufacturers of Brain Boost Plus, has been in the brain supplement business for more than a decade. They claim that it is a nootropic for concentration, focus, and mood. Design by a team of health and diet experts, it improves many cognitive functions. This product is also free from genetically modified organisms and comes from an FDA approved facility that uses cGMP production standards. Lifestyle Labs also tests their products through a third party that guarantees their high quality, safety and effectiveness.


Brain Boost Plus contains the following ingredients: Brain Boost Plus includes the following ingredients: Ginkgoxine (Ginkgo Biloba extract) and Proprietary Formula (St. John’s Wort, Glutamine, Phosphatidylserine Complex, Bacopa Monnier, DMAE Bitartrate, Aceryl-L-Carnitine, and Vinpocetine).

Product Features

Brain Boost Plus is a nootropic stack. It means that the ingredients in this supplement work together and offer more benefits than they would on their own. Several ingredients create a synergy with each other for additional benefits. The people behind this supplement rely on studies proven to offer the best combination of nootropics for memory. They do not only choose their ingredients that way, but also search for the recommended daily intake. What you end up with is a powerful proprietary blend that helps the majority of its users.

As far as quality control is concerned, this supplement is one of the best products on the market. It is manufactured in the America and does not contain GMOs, preservatives or fillers. This product is also allergen free, so there is no soy, gluten, crustaceans, nuts or eggs.

There is a total of 41 ingredients in this dietary supplement. One part is a proprietary brain boost blend, while other a mixture of vitamins and micronutrients (include fat-soluble vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as four different B vitamins). Among the ingredients that improve cognition, there are choline bitartrate, DMA, phosphatidylserine, huperzine-A, and others. This formulation helps give your body and brain almost everything they need to improve their function.

Nearly all the ingredients of this nootropic accompanied many clinical studies that prove their effectiveness. Other components come from the world of natural and traditional medicine with a long history of potential benefits. This product is also tested by third-party laboratories to ensure its quality. Finally, each element used is clearly indicated on the back of the package. In addition, each ingredient has a daily value shown in percentage.

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  • It promotes better concentration, helps your body deal with stress, works to improve mood, learning, and memory.
  • It is a high-quality product made in the US, following cGMP production standards.
  • It doesn’t include St. John’s Wart and other non-certified ingredients like caffeine, GMOs, and artificial additives.


  • This proprietary supplement is intended for adult use only, children under 18 years are not recommended to use it.
  • A small percentage of consumers can experience restlessness, headaches, or an upset stomach.


Brain Boost Plus is manufactured with FDA approved ingredients in the United States. It is also tested by a third party to ensure its quality, safety, and effectiveness. It is a natural blend that creates the fewest side effects. However, it can have interactions with prescription drugs. You should visit your healthcare professional before taking this nootropic; especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have a known health disorder. You should also never exceed the recommended dose.

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