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Brain Armor Review
Brain Armor Review

PUBLISHED: 05/05/2016 by brreader
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Brain Armor

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Brain Armor is a brain supplement advertised to work for athletes to improve visual and cognitive functions, and cardio. The formula was developed by DSM Nutritional Products, a sub-business of DSM, one of the largest international corporations. DSM is a Dutch corporation that produces everything from supplements and medical devices to electronics to paints.

Brain Armor is also advertised as one that can “build stronger brains”. According to the manufacturer, Brain Armor is one of the best DHA-based supplements available at this moment.

The product has an official website that is well designed, although it lacks some information. They have multiple ways of contact, some testimonials, some information regarding the benefits of DHA and some links toward 3rd party research websites.


Brain Armor contains the following ingredients: Brain Armor contains the following ingredients: DHA 1050 mg, Calories from fat 25, Saturated fat 1 mg, Cholesterol 5 mg, Carbohydrate 1g, Sodium 10 mg, high oleic sunflower oil, modified corn starch, glycerin, water, carrageenan, sorbitol, tocopherols, rosemary extract, sunflower lecithin, beta-carotene, caramel, and ascorbyl palmitate.

Product Features

Brain Armor contains only one active ingredient in the form of DHA (1050 mg of substance). That being said, this formula is not unique…at all. In fact there are multiple DHA-based supplements available on the market. So what makes Brain Armor different and why you should go with this supplement and not with another?

Leaving company’s bold claims aside, we believe that a more realistic approach is that Brain Armor, when taken on a daily basis, may improve overall health, cognitive functions, and potentially prevent eye disease development. We say “may” because DHA was not clinically proven to work in adults.

While the substance definitely won’t harm your body at Brain Armor’s recommended dose, DHA may not be that effective in healthy adults. Docosahexaenoic acid is an Omega-3 fatty acid found in meat of cold-water fish (i.e. mackerel, salmon, tuna, cod liver, etc). DHA is an essential nutrient, particularly for babies and young people who are still in the process of growth. For the first four months of a premature life, babies receive DHA from breast-feeding, but after that their intake of DHA is reduced dramatically and some medical doctors will recommend DHA-based supplements instead.

Taking DHA-based supplements will help babies and children improve their mental development and improve vision. Since the substance is so beneficial for babies and children, scientists have begun to wonder whether it can help adults. Although research continues to be extremely limited, there have been results showing that DHA may be used to reduce risk of heart disease, prevent eye diseases, treat type 2 diabetes, and treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Sale Price: $53.03

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com

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  • Brain Armor is very cheap compared to other similar supplements
  • The formula covers the necessary amount of Omega-3
  • Brain Armor could prevent visual and cardiovascular failure in the future
  • The product has an official website from which you can order safely


  • No trial available
  • Very limited clinical data to backup the claims
  • Not very many testimonials to support the formula
  • Single ingredient formula that may not be suitable for those looking for more complex supplements to improve their cognitive abilities


There isn’t much more to say about Brain Armor. The formula is very simple and straightforward. Does it work as advertised? Maybe. DHA has been clinically proven to work in babies and children, which is a huge plus for Brain Armor. However, strangely enough, the company advertises Brain Armor as a “brain supplement for athletes”.

It is also important to note that DHA may not work to relieve symptoms of those who suffer from focus and memory problems.

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Brain Armor Reviewbrreader32016-05-03 12:09:31
Brain Armor Review
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