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Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed Review
Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed Review

PUBLISHED: 06/21/2013 by BR Publishing
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Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed

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Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed is presented as a natural supplement which was mainly created to improve immunity, the functioning of the digestive system, and increase the organism’s protection from radical damage for people who take it on a regular basis. Its designed is a business called Botanic Choice.

From its foundation in 1910, it was pretty clear that the main goal is related to nutritional market because its founder has been focusing on this aspect since his early life. Despite the fact that since 1990 they sold mostly herbal bulks, their scientific research and specialization was in the area of plant properties that may enhance certain aspects of a person’s lifestyle. The founder of the business was Joseph Meyer and he made a name for himself due to its increased passion towards nature and its qualities of whom people are generally unaware of. Even though he died, the legacy was maintained through his great grandson and grandson who are trying to constantly increase the quality, innovation, and reliability of their formulas.

Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed contains only one ingredient that actually gives its name. On the other hand, from it, the producer extracted pulp, peel and whole fruit-seeds and the bioflavonoids standardization is between 45 and 50 percent, thus the utilization of Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed is viewed as safe if the amounts aren’t exceeded on a daily basis.

Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed Ingredients

Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed contains the following ingredient: Grapefruit extract.

Product Features

There are plenty of people that believe in the beneficial effects of grapefruit. From consuming it in a natural form to taking supplementation which features it either as a main or additional component, it is one of the most utilized on the nutritional field due to its qualities. Hence, Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed bases its positive effects on the usage of extracts from parts of this fruit.

The most reliable utilization for this ingredient is related to the cardiovascular health. It is believed to help relief symptoms linked to conditions like poor circulation, chronic venous insufficiency, and high cholesterol. In addition, in certain situations, it can help people that suffer from eye diseases caused by diabetes. Another good aspect of this component is the fact that it contains antioxidants that are in fact substances known to help protect cells from damage, thus can help prevent some diseases like infections, flu, and colds. The daily recommended quantity of this extract ranges between 100 and 300 mg.

There are a series of unwanted side effects which may happen throughout its usage and include itchy scalp, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Furthermore, people who are taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or blood thinners should consult a personal healthcare provider before the start of its consumption due to potential counteractions.

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  • The product helps enhance plenty of bodily aspects, from cardiovascular to immune system
  • It’s easy to take and comes at affordable prices
  • It offers antioxidants


  • Individuals who take blood thinners or aspirin should consult a doctor before its usage
  • No information is given about long-term administration
  • There is no FDA approval of this remedy


Advertised as remedy whose antioxidant qualities as well as positive effect on cardiovascular problems are because of its main ingredient, Botanic Choice Grapefruit Seed is recommended as alternative medicine for people that started observing the negative effects of aging on their heart and immunity. It represents a natural approach to prescribed medication, but it may also present some potential side-effects, specifically when the daily suggested amounts are overused. The long-term safety the one of nursing or pregnant women is uncertain, thus people should consult a personal doctor if something happens during the treatment. The results are increased by following a healthy lifestyle.

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