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Botanic Choice Goji Extract Review
Botanic Choice Goji Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 06/20/2013 by BR Publishing
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Botanic Choice Goji Extract

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Botanic Choice Goji Extract is advertised as a dietary remedy which seeks to balance vitality and stamina levels, while also offering a support for immunity and providing a sense of well-being for the individual who’s following the treatment. The business responsible for this formulation is called Botanic Choice.

Even though they’ve existed on the herbal market since 1910, it only around 1990 that they began to focus on nutritional supplements which should provide a positive impact on people’s lives because their properties are meant to improve the functioning and organs of the body. It was established by Joseph E. Meyer and, since his death, his grandson and great-grandson took over the company and started coming up with ways of improving the reliability, innovation, and functioning of the business. Nowadays, they sell a wide variety of products which expand from weight management supplements to remedies for the cardiovascular and skeletal system.

Botanic Choice Goji Extract is made of a single herb, but features a lot of compounds and, because the contained extract was standardized at 20% polysaccharides, it’s safe to use. Botanic Choice Goji Extract is mostly recommended for people who started noticing the damaging effects that appear as a result to aging such as tiredness, inflammations, or headaches.

Botanic Choice Goji Extract Ingredients

Botanic Choice Goji Extract contains the following ingredients: Wolfberry fruit (Lycium Chinense small).

Product Features

Like other nutritional remedies, Botanic Choice Goji Extract promises a protection improvement against the damage done by free radicals, an enhanced longevity, as well as a general enhancement of the body, thus avoiding potential problems if combined with a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, as compared to those, this one contains Wolfberry fruit extract which was standardized at twenty percent polysaccharides.

The Beijing Nutrition Research Institute has led some chemical analysis as well as nutritional compositions studies on the fruit of this plant and revealed that it contains 500 times more vitamin C in comparison to oranges, per quantity. Moreover, it also has approximately nineteen amino acids, twenty one trace minerals, and other vitamins including B1, B2 or B6.

Within its main utilization, things such as dizziness, headaches, ringing in the ear, tired muscles and joints, chronic liver disease, hypertension, and tuberculosis may be counted. Moreover, by normalizing blood cholesterol and sugar levels, this component may also work as a liver and kidney tonic. Although it’s generally viewed as safe to use short-term; during some treatments, it was discovered that it interacts with Warfarin and may lead to apparition of some harmful side effects. Additionally, people who are allergic to it as well as nursing or pregnant women should consult a personal doctor before starting this treatment.

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  • Its formula features a single ingredient, but with scientific evidence that it contains a wide array of compounds, from minerals to amino acids and vitamins
  • It should enhance mood, overall well-being and improve immunity
  • The company is one of the best on a national level from the nutritional field


  • People who are using Warfarin alongside should be particularly careful
  • The product is yet to be researched by the Food and Drug Administration
  • No information was given about long-term usage


Advertised as a dietary remedy which comes in an easy-to-use capsule form, Botanic Choice Goji Extract bases its benefits on a main ingredient which actually an herbal extract. Keeping in mind that studies showed that it has a good composition which contains amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals, it may be a proper alternative to prescribed medication for individuals who need enhanced energy levels on a daily basis and seem like they can’t obtain it from their diet. However, information linked to long-term use is not fully understood, if any unwanted side effect appears, the person should stop the utilization. People who are taking Warfarin have to be particularly careful if they want to take this supplement.

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