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Botanic Choice Bee Pollen Review
Botanic Choice Bee Pollen Review

PUBLISHED: 06/20/2013 by breditor
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Botanic Choice Bee Pollen

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Botanic Choice Bee Pollen is presented a dietary remedy whose principal purpose is to maintain the health of the organism throughout seasonal changes. Moreover, it should enhance the quality of the skin for people that use it. The supplement was created by a nutritional business that goes by the name of Botanic Choice.

It was first founded in 1910 and went by the the name of Indiana Botanic Gardens, but in that period they sold mainly herb bulks, not natural supplements. Somewhere around the year 1990, they’ve expanded so they could properly develop nutritional supplements that provided a positive impact on general health or to some specific organs and functions, depending on the needs of their clients. Since the business was taken in control by the founder’s grandson and great-grandson, they’ve constantly sought ways in which they can get to better product quality, customer services, and shipment services.

Botanic Choice Bee Pollen is made of a mixture between bee pollen powder and some minerals and mainly desires to boost energy levels on a daily basis, thus being recommended for people that are going through stressful periods or just can’t seem to find sufficient time to properly feed themselves so they get constantly tired and mood less. Furthermore, the product is meant to ease the symptoms of seasonal changes, particularly for those who suffer from constant allergies.

Botanic Choice Bee Pollen Ingredients

Botanic Choice Bee Pollen contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Phosphorus, and Bee pollen powder.

Product Features

Designed with the goal of improving bodily health on a daily basis with a particularity in helping individuals avoid the negative implications of seasonal changes, Botanic Choice Bee Pollen features three ingredients. Two of them are represented by well-known minerals and provide a positive impact on movement and cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper levels of each in order to avoid possible medical conditions. On the other hand, what makes this formula special is the addition of the third component which is bee pollen.

As studies revealed, this ingredient is, in fact, a natural substance that possesses trace amounts of minerals and vitamins. It is usually utilized for treating some symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Moreover, it may have a beneficial influence of conditions such as eczema, high cholesterol, acne, asthma, and osteoporosis. In addition, it is thought to enhance energy levels, while also preparing the organism to deal better with aging changes.

There were a series of studies conducted on mice that revealed its anti-allergenic properties and since then nutritional companies have included it as either a core or additional component in some of their product. On the other hand, individuals who have known allergies to pollen should stay away from this remedy. Likewise, pregnant or lactating women should because it is often viewed as dangerous for the baby.

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  • The presence of its core ingredient was linked to decrease in symptoms related to seasonal allergies
  • There are few to no side-effects
  • The majority of testimonials found online from the individuals that have tried it point out to positive results


  • Pregnant or nursing women should avoid its consumption
  • People that have pollen allergies should consult a personal doctor prior to utilization
  • There are potential counteractions with blood-thinning drugs


Advertised as an energy booster, a relief of the impact linked to seasonal allergies and changes, and an antioxidant provider, Botanic Choice Bee Pollen is a supplement that contains three ingredients within which two are minerals. On the other hand, its core ingredient is, in fact, a natural substance which was presented as beneficial due to latest scientific studies. Botanic Choice Bee Pollen is generally destined for people that want to lower the impact of aging processes, have difficulties when it comes to allergies caused by seasonal changes, or just desire an energy boost in order to get through their daily activities easier.

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