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Boost Your Brain Review
Boost Your Brain Review

PUBLISHED: 02/29/2016 by BR Moderator
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Boost Your Brain

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Boost Your Brain is a supplement advertised as an effective solution for those who want to increase their mental clarity, brain focus, and memory, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The formula is produced by Health Bizz and sold under the Flow Booster label. The company is a new player on the nutraceuticals market and only produces this formula at this time. The official site does not provide any information about the founders, headquarters or their manufacturing facilities and technologies.

One thing we noticed is the resemblance of this formula with several other nutritional supplements reviewed lately. The same herbal extracts of Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine, and St John’s Wort are present. Another 4 substances: Phosphatidylserine Glutamine, Carnitine, and DMAE are also present for their presumable cognitive boosting benefits.
Although we’re not saying the product is not effective in doing what it claims, we’re surprised to see yet another formula with the same ingredient list as other products of this type. This makes us wonder why a new company would enter an already over-crowded market with a product that is already offered by so many other manufacturers.


Boost Your Brain contains the following ingredients: Boost Your Brain includes the following ingredients: Ginkgoxine (Ginkgo Biloba 24%), Proprietary formula: St John’s Wort (as 3% extract), Glutamine (as L-Glutamine Hydrochloride), Phosphatidylserine Complex, Bacopa Monnieri (20% bacosides), Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate, Acetyl-L Carnitine, Vinpocetine, gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Di-Calcium Phosphate.

Product Features

The formula features various types of nutrients including herbs, phospholipids and amino-acids researched for their potential benefits on the human brain. Ginkgo Biloba is the first listed ingredient, and as we all know, this is one of the most popular herbal remedies available at this time. The extracts of Ginkgo are most commonly recommended for individuals with memory or concentration problems, and those who suffer from circulatory or heart conditions. Scientific studies have identified compounds in the plant that exert powerful antioxidant and blood thinning effects, or help regulate mood imbalances.

The other herbal based chemicals in the formula have already been used as natural antidepressants or memory enhancers. Vinpocetine for example is used and researched for several decades as a treatment of brain related conditions. The plant was shown to be effective in improving blood flow to the brain, dilating blood vessels, and preventing blood clotting. Such properties made researchers test the compound’s potency in helping with both cardiovascular and cognitive diseases. Studies were able to prove the Vinpocetine benefits on memory, attention or motivation due to its role in supporting synthesis of important neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine, Norepinephrine, and Dopamine.

Glutamine is considered a key brain nutrient because it is used in the production of glutamic acid and GABA neurotransmitters. Both neurotransmitters have activities that involve the maintenance of optimal memory, mood, and thinking. Besides its energy boosting properties, GABA is considered effective in easing symptoms of moodiness, depression, irritability, anxiety, or insomnia.

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  • The formula comes at a low price ($17.63 for a 2 month’s supply).
  • The key ingredients have been clinically studied with positive outcomes in the brain area.


  • Numerous other formulations with the exact list of ingredients are already available.
  • There is no indication of a study or trial based on the effects of this formula.
  • The manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee for this supplement.


Boost Your Brain formula looks like a potent combination of brain nutrients. Also the number of ingredients is relatively low, which is a god thing because the fewer they are the fewer interactions are possible to occur. Still, this is not a tested product, and consumer testimonials are mixed. Some users say they did not experience any of the benefits listed, while others claim to have only felt mild improvements in alertness and focus.

Also keep in mind that Ginkgo Biloba may increase the risk of bleeding, while St John’s Wort may increase photosensitivity and is known to interact with various other drugs. Be aware of any potentially harmful side effects (mild headaches, nausea, stomach upset, etc.) and make sure these don’t become more severe over time.

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