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Boost Meal Replacement Review
Boost Meal Replacement Review

PUBLISHED: 10/03/2012 by BR Technical
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Boost Meal Replacement

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Boost Meal Replacement is a nutritional drink which features 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 g of muscle-building protein.

Nestle Health Science manufactures the product and advertises it as a great recommendation for patients who need a nutritionally complete drink that’s also delicious. The formula is designed to be used by patients who require oral nutrition supplementation because of poor appetite, malnutrition, anorexia, or oncology treatments. Additionally, Boost Meal Replacement is a complete nutrition source for geriatrics or for those who are preparing for or recovering from surgery, including oral surgery.

Nestle Health Science was founded in 2011 at the same time as Nestle Institute of Health Sciences was created and is committed to providing science-based personalized nutritional solutions. The company is part of the multinational company Nestle Group and currently manufactures approximately 50 products targeted at specific conditions and age groups.

Boost Meal Replacement Ingredients

Boost Meal Replacement includes the following ingredients: water, corn syrup solids, sugar, modified milk ingredients, Canola oil, high oleic sunflower oil, corn oil, artificial flavor, salt, soy lecithin, carrageenan, artificial color, soy oil, (may contain potassium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid), minerals (Calcium carbonate, Calcium phosphate tribasic, Chromic chloride, Cupric sulfate, Ferric pyrophosphate, Magnesium phosphate dibasic, Manganese sulfate, Potassium chloride, Potassium citrate, Potassium iodide, Sodium citrate, Sodium molybdate, Sodium selenite, and Zinc sulfate), and vitamins (Biotin, Calcium d-pantothenate, Dl-a-tocopheryl acetate, Folic acid, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Sodium ascorbate, Thiamine hydrochloride, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3).

Product Features

Boost Meal Replacement is a nutritional drink featuring 26 vitamins and minerals plus proteins required to fulfill the daily nutritional needs of the body. The formula comes in 4 flavors and is gluten and lactose free.

The formula contains a large number of B Vitamins, plus Vitamin D 3 and A. Vitamin D is mainly synthesized by the body when sun exposure is adequate. Although its exact benefit claims are yet to be established, scientists agree it plays an essential role in bone health, cardiovascular system health (as it may reduce the cardiovascular disease risk) and immune system functioning. Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, as well as for blood formation, whereas Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 plays an essential part in energy metabolism and for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Boost Meal Replacement is also rich in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc, essential to numerous body functions and systems. For instance, Zinc supports the health of the immune system, is required for the DNA synthesis, is essential for wound healing and supports the healthy growth and development of the body during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy. Zinc deficiency causes diarrhea, retardation, hair loss, loss of appetite and eye and skin lesions.

Product reviews available for Boost Meal Replacement claim the formula has a great taste and is a great alternative for getting the necessary minerals and vitamins. The manufacturer issues no side effects or special precautions warnings. A serving consists of 237 ml of Boost Meal Replacement. One bottle equals one serving.

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  • The formula has a high content of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional ingredients;
  • Gluten and lactose free supplement;
  • Liquid formulation makes it an easy to swallow and administrate alternative;
  • 4 flavors to choose from;
  • trustworthy manufacturer makes consumers trust the brand.


  • One bottle equals one serving, no large quantities available;
  • Each serving costs approximately $2 making this a rather expensive product.


Boost Meal Replacement is a liquid nutritional supplement designed to support the body’s daily nutritional needs. The formula is packed with 26 vitamins and minerals and proteins. The formula has received some rather good reviews, with consumers praising the good taste and the fact that it is a quality product as it is manufactured by one of the largest food companies in the world. The product is likely to deliver on the promised benefits and is a great quality nutritional drink alternative.

It does however contain artificial colorants and flavorings, which is one of the main down sides of the formula. We recommend you carefully read the label before using the formula

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Boost Meal Replacement Review
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