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Body Mortar Review
Body Mortar Review

PUBLISHED: 06/14/2013 by BR Moderator
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Body Mortar

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Body Mortar is advertised as being a dietary remedy that was particularly created for grueling activities as well as competitive athletes because its beneficial results are related to protein synthesis enhancement as well as muscular development. Its producer is Advanced Muscle Science.

Since their start in 2007, this company has been concentrating on designing cutting edge and sophisticated supplements that rely on their worker’s experience on the area of hormone regulation which extends over twenty years in some cases. Their core targets when it comes to client satisfaction are innovation, legality, high-quality, and practicality. Even though they got numerous awards in the supplementation field, their products have yet to be tested by the Food and Drug Administration. In comparison to other similar companies, this one offers part of their earnings to some charitable causes.

The formulation features some BCAAs, short for branded-chained amino acids which are mixed with Glutamine and electrolyte matrix that target endurance support. The point of this particular combination of components is to minimize the recovery time after intense workout while also stimulating muscle fibers. Hence, Body Mortar is mainly suggested for individuals that desire to use a natural approach in order to enhance the efficacy and duration of their training sessions.

Body Mortar Ingredients

Body Mortar contains the following ingredients: Leucine, Isoleucine, Glutamine, Potassium Chloride, Sodium phosphate, Valine, Disodium Phosphate, Fiber, and Sugar.

Product Features

The product is described as a powerful intra-workout remedy offered in a form of powder. From a general point of view, it is meant as an improver of muscular strength and endurance in order to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the negative impact of workouts which include tiredness and fatigue. It contains a combination between some branded-chained amino acids like Valine and Leucine, an endurance electrolyte matrix containing Potassium Chloride and a Growth Complex.

Some of its core components are the BCAAs. These are key active compounds in the muscular development. By making them a part of a regular diet, superior protein synthesis levels as well muscle growth should be noticed. Research revealed that they were included in nutritional products before other amino acids like beta-alanine and creatine, but their qualities may expand beyond what is believed now. The effectiveness surrounding these ingredients is regarded as high and they aren’t only building blocks meant for muscular tissue, but also directly affect muscle growth through some pathways.

The core difference between these and other amino acids relies in the way they’re metabolized due to the fact that they take place in the muscle, not the liver. Even though no serious side effect has been reported so far, people should be careful during its utilization in order to avoid further complications.

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  • The BCAAs found in this remedy metabolize directly in the muscles
  • The company has received awards in its field of functionality
  • There are few to no side effects that have occurred during the treatment


  • Further research is required for this product in order to prove its effectiveness at a general level
  • No FDA testing


Overall, Body Mortar is promoted as a dietary supplement which relies on the positive effects of a combination between BCAAs, Glutamine as well as other nutrients. It was particularly created to fulfill the daily requirements of individuals who practice certain sports, either on an amateur or professional level. Because it mainly concentrates on the intra-workout sessions, fatigue, and tiredness are often reduced. The price is regarded as affordable and the majority customer testimonials showed positive results. A descriptive sheet of the product as well as some ingredients found in this remedy is provided on the official page. However, people should be careful while taking this treatment and combine it with a healthy lifestyle for better results.

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Body Mortar Review
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