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Black Walnut Extract Review
Black Walnut Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 03/08/2013 by BR Publishing
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Black Walnut Extract

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Black Walnut Extract is an herbal formulation which could be used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, in managing cholesterol levels and hypertension. The company that manufactures this product is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a company from Oregon, in the United States that has been selling herbs and herbal remedies since the second half of the 1980s. One of its most important values is the importance of green agriculture, as a result almost all the herbs it uses as ingredients are either organic or wild harvested. There are not very many online consumer reviews on Mountain Rose Herbs or its products.

According to the manufacturer, Black Walnut Extract is an organic liquid tincture obtained after an extraction process which usually lasts about two months. Tinctures are usually more potent than dried extracts and capsules therefore you need to take a smaller daily dose. In addition, they also act faster and last for longer periods of time (about five years). The producer, Mountain Rose Herbs, does not specify when to use Black Walnut Extract. Based on the medicinal uses of black walnut hulls, the tincture could be addressed to individuals who have intestinal parasites and need cleansing, to people who have to keep under control their cholesterol and to those who have high blood pressure problems.

Black Walnut Extract Ingredients

Black Walnut Extract contains the following ingredients: fresh green hulls of black walnut and grain alcohol.

Product Features

Black Walnut Extract is an organic tincture obtained from black walnut green hulls. Black walnut is native to North America, being slightly different from the English walnut. It is recommended for alleviating symptoms associated with stomach and intestinal disorders (like diarrhea and intestinal parasites), skin conditions, high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure. According to specialists, black walnut contains juglone, zinc, and vitamin C. Juglone possesses antifungal, antibacterial, as well as antiviral properties, nonetheless it may also cause the death of a type of cells in the human and animal connective tissue. Moreover, juglone might also cause cancer according to some tests. Clinical trials on humans are nonetheless limited consequently further research would be necessary.

The short-term use of the herb is considered safe in general. Some people may experience allergies to black walnut, especially if they are also allergic to pecans. Black walnut applied topically might however be harmful if used on a daily basis, as some consider that it may cause lip or tongue cancer. The producer of Black Walnut Extract, Mountain Rose Herbs, also says that you should not use black walnuts for more than two weeks at a time.

The formula sold by Mountain Rose Herbs comes in bottles of wither one ounce or four ounces. You should know that Black Walnut Extract is a dietary supplement so it may be marketed without previous evaluation from the FDA. Mountain Rose Herbs does not recommend a maximum daily dose.

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  • The average price of $8.50 would recommend Black Walnut Extract it as a moderately-priced formula
  • You may return it in maximum two months and receive a full refund
  • The product is certified organic


  • Shipping fees are more than $6 when you order from Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Black walnut may interfere with other drugs and could be harmful when used for a long time
  • There are very few online customer reviews


Black Walnut Extract may be effective especially for intestinal parasites, as this is the most frequent use of black walnut hulls. However, the plant also seems to have some side effects (juglone, one of its main chemical compounds, may have carcinogenic and mutagenic properties) which have not been thoroughly studied on humans. Therefore, if you plan on using the tincture, you should consult with a doctor about the length of the treatment that is appropriate for you. In addition, you should know that black walnuts may reduce the effects of drugs taken by mouth. We have not found online customer testimonials therefore we cannot say whether consumers experienced side effects.

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Black Walnut Extract Review
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