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Black Seed Oil Review
Black Seed Oil Review

PUBLISHED: 03/28/2016 by BR Moderator
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Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed Oil is a homeopathic remedy that promises all the benefits of supplements and prescription meds but without their unwanted side effects. Many doctors, especially functional medicine and naturopathic doctors, are discovering the benefits of combining conventional medical treatments with natural ways to support the body. One of these age-old remedies that has gained recent popularity is Black Seed Oil (also known as Nigella Sativa).

Black Seed Oil has many potential uses and many potential health benefits, which may be the reason why this homeopathic remedy is so popular nowadays. Because many companies are offering this product and because the formula is basically the same, our review will focus on the general benefits – and potential red flags – of this product.


Black Seed Oil contains the following ingredients: Black Seed Oil includes the following ingredients: 100% cold pressed black seed oil.

Product Features

We understand the need for comprehensive reviews that are actually focused on the product revealing its positives and negatives. We compared a number of different Black Seed Oil products and we’ve put together our findings so that you, the reader, can better understand the benefits of using such homeopathic remedies over traditional prescription meds.

There are several claimed benefits of Black Seed Oil: can help prevent cancer, supports weight loss by reducing appetite and blood glucose levels, support the immune system, can improve skin and hair health, promote heart health, can support liver health, treat diabetes, aid in reducing asthma and allergies symptoms, and relieve constipation and diarrhea.

However, Black Seed Oil isn’t risk free. There can be problems with any vegetable or seed oil, including black cumin seed oil if it isn’t extracted, processed or packaged correctly. The way the product is stored is also important as it can easily go rancid if the oil is not stored in a dark, glass bottle. These requirements can easily be overseen as most producers are not informing the buyers on how to properly store the product.

If you look for a good Black Seed Oil supplement, there are several things you have to take into consideration: the product must be organic, the oil must be obtained through cold pressing without chemical extraction, the formula should not contain any additives or diluting oils, and the supplement but come in a high quality light protected glass bottle.

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Sale Price: $28.00

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  • All-natural, organic, and generally safer to take than prescription medication
  • Affordable price
  • Mostly positive reviews and testimonials
  • Plenty of discounts available online


  • Some complains regarding the taste, describing it as “unpleasant” and even “horrible”
  • If the product is not bottled and stored properly, it can easily go rancid
  • Some associated side-effects
  • Not enough clinical evidence to support almost half of the claimed benefits


The bottom line is that Black Seed Oil is an amazing food that has been used for thousands of years for its ability to support health naturally. It is not a miracle homeopathic remedy but, based on the number of positive reviews and testimonials, it is an effective product with a huge potential.

Although there might be some problems with this supplement (most of these issues resulting from the unpleasant taste), Black Seed Oil may be a good choice for those looking for a good and affordable supplement to improve their overall health.

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Black Seed Oil ReviewBR Moderator3.252016-09-17 08:46:31
Black Seed Oil Review
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