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Bionutrition E400 Selenium Review
Bionutrition E400 Selenium Review

PUBLISHED: 11/03/2013 by BR Moderator
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Bionutrition E400 Selenium

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Bionutrition E400 Selenium is the result of a company’s desire to help individuals who don’t have healthy eating habits to protect their bodies from the damaging effects of free radicals. The business behind this remedy is called Bio Nutrition Health Products and it is based in East Sussex. The formula features two ingredients and it should enhance overall health while targeting specific areas such as the heart and the brain.

The manufacturer doesn’t give specific details regarding the year in which the company was actually built, but states that it was founded many years ago, which may translate into quite the experience on the natural supplementation field. The business is known for some of its products and they have released remedies for a large variety of problems ranging from sexual vitality to digestive health. People can find what they’re interested in on the official page where all the products are listed and divided into 14 categories.

This supplement is listed under the antioxidant and immune system boosters and seeks to deliver daily amounts of Vitamin E and Selenium. These two have a big influence on the human organism, meaning that constant lacks from these on a longer term can lead to serious health conditions.

While Bionutrition E400 Selenium promises to enhance immunity and improve the cognitive functions, results are not guaranteed or supported by actual scientific evidence. Bionutrition E400 Selenium is suited for vegetarian use as well. No side effects are mentioned for this supplement, however misuse of Selenium or Vitamin E may cause certain unwanted side effects (irritability, fatigue, nausea, loss of energy, vomiting, etc).

Bionutrition E400 Selenium Ingredients

Bionutrition E400 Selenium contains the following ingredients: Vitamin E, Selenium, d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate (GMO Free), Lactose/ Dextrose, Selenomethionine Preparation, Stearic Acid, and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

Bionutrition E400 Selenium represents a dietary supplement based on two ingredients which are also featured in the product’s name. These are Selenium and Vitamin E.

As a powerful antioxidant that helps the organism protect against harmful effects of free radicals, Vitamin E can be taken either from foods such as meat, poultry and vegetable oils or form natural remedies. It is important for the organism because it helps control a series of enzymes. Furthermore, it has a role in the red blood cell formation which means that people who lack this vitamin for too long are prone to developing anemia.

Published research revealed that its natural form, is more easily absorbed than its synthetic form. Within the main areas that are targeted by this vitamin, there are the health of artery walls and blood flow. Even though there are no major side-effects linked to its utilization and that the nutrient is often viewed as safe, individuals who suffer from heart diseases or diabetes shouldn’t consume  doses higher than 400UI/day.

In addition to Vitamin E, manufacturers have included Selenium with the purpose of enhancing the antioxidant protection of the supplement. Foods that contain Selenium are liver, poultry, crab and fish. Studies showed that people avoid any type of lack if they consume approximately 125 mcg of selenium on a daily basis. Individuals who live in countries with fish that are low in Selenium should consider supplementation.

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  • It contains a mineral and a vitamin with known positive effects on the organism
  • It can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans
  • The dosages of each ingredient are within the daily recommendation, according to the label
  • The manufacturer offers gift certificates and free delivery under certain conditions


  • People that suffer from heart conditions should consult a personal healthcare before taking this supplement
  • No mentioning of FDA testing or GMP approval


Overall, Bionutrition E400 Selenium is a product designed for individuals whose bad eating habits led them or may potentially lead them to low immunity levels, poor heart and mental performance and other health problems.

Although the supplement doesn’t promise to help with symptoms linked to any serious condition, there are some testimonials which suggest that it may be beneficial. The supplement is composed of two ingredients that are important for the organism on a daily basis and without which complications such as anemia may appear. Bionutrition E400 Selenium comes in the form of capsules that can be taken by vegetarians and vegans. However, those who have heart diseases should consider checking up with a personal healthcare provider before following this treatment.

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