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BioActive Resveratrol Plus Review
BioActive Resveratrol Plus Review

PUBLISHED: 11/30/2013 by breditor
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BioActive Resveratrol Plus

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BioActive Resveratrol Plus is a dietary supplement designed to offer a wide spectrum of positive effects to the organism that result from its potent antioxidant properties. The formula manufactured by BioActive Nutrients is a vegetarian supplement which may prevent premature aging and inflammation.

The business behind this remedy called BioActive Nutrients was built by Guy Evans in 1995. It was founded in NIW Wisconsins and it has since been committed to designing and providing vitamins and nutritional remedies of high quality at reliable prices. Their stated goal is to empower and encourage people to take control of their own lives by helping them reach an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, they desire to educate people regarding the importance and influence of nutritional supplementation on daily dieting.

This formula focuses on a core ingredient, Resveratrol, that has been obtained from different sources. Its main purposes are to offer antioxidants to the organism in order to help it fight better against the damage done by free radicals on a regular basis and positively influence the immune system so that certain fungal infections or inflammations are averted.

BioActive Resveratrol Plus can be taken by everyone who desires a boost in overall health, but children as well as pregnant or lactating women should pay more attention throughout its utilization.

BioActive Resveratrol Plus Ingredients

BioActive Resveratrol Plus contains the following ingredients: Trans Resveratrol and a proprietary blend that features Blueberry powder, Grape seed, Grape skin and Japanese Knotweed.

Product Features

BioActive Resveratrol Plus is promoted as a vegetarian formula based on a single ingredient extracted from a number of different sources. Varying from Japanese Knotweed to Grape skin and blueberry powder, the Resveratrol obtained is featured in amounts properly chosen not to exceed the daily suggested amount.

It is actually a quite popular substance said to provide a large spectrum of health benefits. The sources chosen by the manufacturers are natural. Resveratrol’s core therapeutic influences are linked to the cardiovascular system, immunity system, inflammation, elevated cholesterol levels,  cognitive function and atherosclerosis. Studies revealed that this ingredient works in the organism as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

For instance, there was a report written in 2010 by Molecular Aspects of Medicine which reveals its potential when it comes to treating heart diseases. Because it prevents the hardening of arteries and maintains blood pressure within normal terms, the LDL or “bad cholesterol”should also be lowered. Considering the fact that it possesses estrogen-like properties, certain medical experts suggest that people suffering from forms of cancers characterized by hormone-sensitivity avoid this component.

Additionally, those who are taking anti-platelet medication should consult a specialist prior to following this treatment in order to avoid any type of discomfort. From a general perspective, BioActive Resveratrol Plus doesn’t come with unwanted side effects, but if by chance any appear, the treatment should be immediately stopped.

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  • It is a product that has a large spectrum of beneficial effects upon the cardiovascular and immune system
  • Its core ingredient is obtained from different sources and it’s popular on the supplementation market
  • The company behind this remedy is viewed as reliable and enjoys roughly 10 years of existence
  • It can be taken by vegans and vegetarians


  • There is little information about potential side effects
  • The beneficial qualities of the product are not specific and there is the possibility of no improvement throughout the treatment
  • It can’t be taken by people who suffer from hormone-sensitive types of cancer


All in all, BioActive Resveratrol Plus represents a natural remedy based on a single ingredient whose main purpose is to reduce the damage done by oxidation in the organism, avoid some inflammations and fungal infections and promote a healthier immune system.

Its core ingredient is viewed as controversial to a certain extent, due to contradicting research results. However, it is popular on the nutritional market and there have been no serious cases of people being damaged as a result of a treatment that featured it. BioActive Resveratrol Plus reviews are mainly positive leading us to the conclusion that this is a fairly effective formula. Even though there are no known side effects, people with a hormone-sensitive type of cancer or taking anti-platelet medication should consult a doctor before taking it.

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