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BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend Reviews
BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend Reviews

PUBLISHED: 12/12/2013 by BR Publishing
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BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend

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BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend is a dietary health product available in a chewable form which provides theconsumer with a series of friendly bacteria that ultimately assist with proper immune system functioning and , promotes good colon health and regulates bowel activity.

The manufacturer is a business situated in Wisconsin, United States and is called Bioactive Nutrients, being a company that manufactures quality vitamins as well as nutritional supplements. This company wishes to provide resources that can help people maintain their health. They also claim to invest in health education. One of the strong points of this business is their customer service, claiming to be one of the best because they understand the need of direct contact with customers. This company also aims to help empower people to take control of their lives and achieve a good health. Three years in a row, this company has shown its worth by winning different awards for their products and for the business itself.

BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend is a probiotic formula that does not require refrigeration and contains no artificial colors and flavors or preservatives.

BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend Ingredients

BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend contains the following ingredients: Proprietary Probiotic Blend – L.acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum, L. fermentum, L. casei, L. reuteri, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), Xylitol, strawberry flavor (natural), vanilla flavor (natural), citric acid, Stevia extract, rice concentrate, and vegetable powder.

Product Features

This formula features a proprietary blend of various bacteria, plus one other active ingredient: FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). FOS exert a number of digestive system benefits. Usually, they are able to pass undigested into the colon where they promote growth of certain bacteria that benefit digestion.

One of the bacteria that play an active role in BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend is L. reuteri, which is a gram-positive bacterium that is naturally found in the digestive tract of humans. This bacterium is part of the species called Lactobacillus and is a probiotic that has been credited with several therapeutic effects. This ingredient is said to protect the organism against many common infections, being helpful for both adults and children. The most common use of L. reuteri is in supporting intestinal health, being able to treat rotoviral diarrhea and also being effective with colic in infants. There have been found no specific side effects for this bacterium, but the Lactobacillus family can cause bloating and, rarely, an allergic reaction.

L. plantarum is also found in this blend, being part of the Lactobacillus genus as well, it is generally found in fermented foods and anaerobic plant matter. There is little information available about this ingredient, but its genus is used to promote immune system health and sustain a good digestive cycle.

BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend comes in a container that provides 120 chewable tablets and has a suggested use of two tablets that are to be consumed each day. Side effects of BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend are not mentioned, however these may occur from the action of the individual ingredients. Warnings usually concern pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with weakened immune system or suffering from a digestive condition.

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  • Each container of formula lasts for about two months
  • The ingredients used are naturally occurring and do not come with serious side effects
  • The manufacturer’s web site has a buyer’s club that provides certain discounts
  • Te supplement is gluten free and can be used by a large spectrum of people
  • The formula comes in an easy to use chewable form


  • Delivery is made via the US Postal Service and shipping rates are quite high
  • The long term effects of use have no yet been assessed
  • Certain precautions and warnings exist regarding the use of probiotics


BioActive Nutrients Chewable Probiotic Blend is a probiotic dietary supplement that can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s web site. This product is available with a strawberry flavor and the chewable form of administration makes available a gradual assimilation, therefore it can prove to be more effective that similar products. The price of this formula is quite high, but a 30 day money back guarantee is available and each container provides a two month supply. All in all, the use of probiotics is recommended for people who need additional immune and digestive system support and this seems like a good option. Please remember to thoroughly assess the need for such a product by talking to your healthcare provider.

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