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Balanceuticals NerveEase Review
Balanceuticals NerveEase Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2016 by brreader
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Balanceuticals NerveEase

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Balanceuticals NerveEase is a nutritional supplement designed to support emotional balance, and healthy memory and nervous system. The formula is produced by Balanceuticals Group, a company created more than 20 year ago. Their goal is to provide the best of traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and the most recent achievements in Chinese medicine.

The official site provides a very short description of their formulations, and NerveEase makes no exception. Besides presenting the purpose of the formula, the manufacturer enumerates a few of the ingredients (no official list is provided), and indicates the suggested use and price.


Balanceuticals NerveEase contains the following ingredients: Balanceuticals NerveEase contains the following ingredients: Red sage root, Schizandra fruit, Albizzia bark, Eclipta, Privet, Fleeceflower stem, and Rehmannia root.

Product Features

Red sage also known as Chinese Salvia is considered a natural support for the circulatory system and liver. The plant extract is regarded as a powerful circulatory tonic with detoxifying and vitalizing properties on the blood. Red sage has been researched for various health claims including for inhibiting bacteria growth, reducing inflammations and infections (in the joints, stomach, gums, or mouth), relieving nervous tension, reducing excessive perspiration, and removing toxins from the urinary tract. The plant is also used to soothe the nervous system (antispasmodic action) and promote a calm state among people suffering from nervous excitement or irritability. Studies investigating the plant’s potential benefits on the memory and brain function also showed positive results on word recall and attention span.

Schizandra is a berry used mostly for medicinal purposes. The Chinese originated plant is used for thousands of years to boost mental and physical energy, support healthy aging, and improve sexual functions. It is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory herbs. Schizandra is also classified as an adaptogen, a safe and non-toxic substance that supports the body’s ability to fight against stress. As an adaptogen Schizandra effectively prevents mental fatigue, improves adrenal function, and helps with feelings of anxiety and depression.

Albizzia bark is another Chinese herb extract, whose benefits are relatively unknown to the larger population. However the plant has been used traditionally centuries as a tonic for the nervous system as well as to promote healthy heart and liver function. The active compounds in Albizzia (Saponins, Polyphenols, Quercetin, and Isoquercetin) act as sedatives, lowering down the intensity of anxiety, stress, or depression feelings. The herb has also been shown to regulate hormonal balance which is known to positively affect mental health. Sleeping patterns can also be improved with the use of the plant, a very important benefit in the case of people who are under a lot of stress or depressed patients who usually experience restlessness and poor quality sleep.

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  • Balanceuticals NerveEase is a natural remedy based on scientifically researched herbs used for a long time for medicinal purposes


  • The daily dosage is very high (3-5 capsules 3 times per day). The formula comes in a single size bottle (containing 60 capsules). One bottle provides the necessary amount for only 5 days when moderate doses are used.
  • The price for a month supply is high (more than $130 if purchased at standard price)
  • There are not online testimonials available about this formula.


Balanceuticals NerveEase formula is an herbal remedy advertised as effective for multiple health issues. The formula is based on active substances studied for their potential health benefits and shown to possess various properties that make them appropriate for treating nervous system and mental imbalances. However, our main concern is caused by the lack of a complete ingredient list (the amounts of active ingredients used are not revealed) and scientific evidence regarding the entire formula’s safety and potency. It is why we advise all potential consumers to ask their doctor first and discontinue use at the first sign of adverse reactions.

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