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Bach Remedies Cherry Plum Review
Bach Remedies Cherry Plum Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2016 by BR Publishing
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Bach Remedies Cherry Plum

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Bach Remedies Cherry Plum is one of the 38 herbal supplements designed by Dr. Eduard Bach in the beginning of the 1900’s. This formula is designed to help people in deep despair who feel they are about to lose control over their actions. Eduard Bach is a famous doctor who designed these remedies from his desire to restore a balance between the mind and the body which he considered the root cause of all physical and emotional problems.

Bach Remedies correct emotional imbalances and have been designed to work in conjunction with other types of medication without unwanted adverse reactions They are advertised as safe for children, pregnant women, and even plants and pets.

The Cherry plum formula is not only suited for those who fear to lose control and harming themselves, but also for a loss of control that has already happened. The example given for this last situation is a screaming, irrational child who needs to be calmed down.


Bach Remedies Cherry Plum contains the following ingredients: Bach Remedies Cherry Plum contains the following ingredients: Cherry Plum (Prunus Cerasifera) (flower)

Product Features

The formula advertised to restore the feeling of calmness and control in individuals who are on the verge of breaking down. The Cherry Plum negative state is characterized by a deep discomfort in which the personality experiences irrational and powerful fears characterized by an urge to exteriorize through violence on themselves or on others. As opposed, the positive Cherry plum state is installed when a person can objectively evaluate its situation and act with calmness when dealing with that situation. This person is able to take rational action without endangering the safety of anyone around him, including himself.

The Bach remedy is used as a support in psychotherapy and marriage counseling, to treat bed-wetting in children, drug addiction, and even neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease.

Cherry Plum flower is not a popular remedy. It seems that the Bach remedy is one of the few medicines based on this ingredient at this time. It’s only fair to assume that the number of scientific studies involving this herb is very limited at this time. Our online research did not reveal any studies that would prove the benefits of this extract.

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  • This is a natural remedy that is very popular among consumers due to positive effects reported and increased safety
  • The formula is sold online by numerous retailers and discounts are also available at the time of this review.


  • There is no evidence of clinical trials or studies involving this product. Also, there’s no indication that there is any scientific research behind the development of the formula


Bach Remedies Cherry Plum is one of the 38 popular flower essences designed to treat various emotional affections and restore inner balance. The formula is designed for those in advanced stages of terror, fear, anxiety, or nervous tension. The main problem with this formula is that although numerous online web-pages describe the formula’s general purpose, there aren’t many details available about it. For example we were interested to find the exact composition, what the concentration of the active compounds, and what the suggested dosage is. We also couldn’t find how long should a bottle of 0.7 oz. last so we can evaluate if it is an expensive or an accessible product. This (essential in our opinion) information is missing, and we can’t understand why any producer would fail to provide such details when it is clearly that it’s is something potential consumers would want to known prior to making a purchase.

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Bach Remedies Cherry Plum Review
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    Bach remedies are extremely effective for acute or chronic conditions and if you want to find testimonial go on to the Bach website. I used Cherry Plum for 3 months for chronic anxiety over 20 years ago with major results.