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B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin Review
B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin Review

PUBLISHED: 01/12/2013 by BR Moderator
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B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin

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B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin is marketed as a dietary supplement whose core benefits are entirely based of the combination of four of the eight B complex vitamins. The product specifically targets people that suffer from vitamin B deficiencies or who are exposed to developing such a deficiency, thus experience or might experience symptoms such as anemia, memory loss, disorientation, depression and mood changes.

The supplement is manufactured and delivered to the public by a widely popular company founded in 1980 by L.W. Bob Brooks. Additionally, all products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and the manufacturing processes are carefully supervised. However, FDA does not support these claims. The products marketed by the company aim at providing support to a large variety of health conditions.

B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin is designed to be used by adult. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to use the supplement at the recommendation of a healthcare specialist. The formula has been discontinued for unknown reasons. This is why it was removed from the manufacturer’s website.

B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin Ingredients

B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) 5mg, Folic Acid (as folate) 400mg, Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 1000mcg, Biotin (as biotin) 30mg, dextrose, fructose, sorbitol, natural strawberry and raspberry flavoring, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), stevia, silica, solutab (cellulose) and natural vanilla flavoring.

Product Features

Due to the fact that the Vitamin B complex ranks among the most important vitamin groups required by the human body, deficiencies may lead to serious illnesses that include: memory loss, sore tongue, depression, pale skin, dementia, easy bruising and stomach upset to mention only a few. Because the majority of these deficiencies are determined by an insufficient daily intake of these vitamins, most people prefer to compensate with nutritional supplementation in order to restore or ensure proper nutrient levels.

One of these remedies is B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin, a Vitality Products supplement that promises to make up for any B vitamin deficiencies the body may experiment. These deficiencies might also occur due to bad habits such as long-term drug usage or excessive alcohol consumption, these categories being particularly exposed to developing a B vitamins imbalance.

A special category of benefits of the complex refer to its nervous system protective activity. Some B vitamins may directly assist with some memory related problems associated with Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative condition.

A differentiating point of the supplement is the fact that it is delivered in the form of sub-lingual capsules. the daily dose is one capsule per day. No further administration instructions are available.

Sale Price: $10.86

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  • The product is marketed by a nutritional leader that has over 30 years of experience in offering cheap, effective and easy-to-use products
  • All the components have been GMP certified
  • On the manufacturer’s official website clients can find a phone number and an email address in case of further questioning or unsatisfied orders


  • The manufacturer’s statements regarding this product have not been FDA certified
  • The manufacturer doesn’t mention potential side-effects of this product, but advices pregnant and lactating women to avoid this treatment
  • International shipping or free trials are not made available
  • The formula has been dicontinued


As a product based on a combination between Folic Acid and B vitamin complex, B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin targets people suffering from these particular vitamin deficiencies. The manufacturing processes of this supplement have been done according to GMP requirements.

although the manufacturer doesn’t point out any potential side effects while following this treatment, certain unwanted effects may occur, in which case you should consult a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Compared to similar supplements, B12 Sublingual Methylcobalamin is found in the form of sublingual capsules, making it very easy to administrate. The label dosages should be carefully followed in order to avoid any type excess that can also prove harmful for the human body.

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