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Avesil Review
Avesil Review

PUBLISHED: 08/19/2013 by BR Moderator
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Avesil is a dietary supplement that has been presented as being an effective way to lose weight. The manufacturer Green Brackett LLC advertises the non-prescription formula for several benefits, including increased energy, metabolism boost and help with burning calories.

This product benefits of its own web site and is stand alone, thus there is no information presented about the manufacturer. This web site presents a free 14 day trail program for people that are in the United States. Additionally, the manufacturer seems to offer full customer service support, showing confidence in the effectiveness of the formula.

The manufacturer presents this formula as having thermogenesis effects that help increase that rate with which fat is burned in the body. Other thermogenic formulas are advertised today, including Apidexin, Nutrex Lipo 6 and Ultimate Thermo Fit. The Avesil diet solution contains a dose of caffeine that is presented as having the effect of a mild stimulant which increases energy and sustains mental alertness without having a jittery effect. This blend of ingredients seem to possess effects that support the conversion of food into energy, suppress the appetite and break down fat cells stored in to body.

The Avesil weight loss effects presented come without having any negative consequences to lean muscle mass, which is being protected and sustained. In a market that offers thousands of solutions, the Avesil diet alternative claims to be superior in results and to offer an effective way to maximize the effect that results form both diet and exercise, helping the body in a natural way in the weight loss process.

Avesil Ingredients

Avesil contains the following ingredients: Chromium, Caffeine USP, Avesil Proprietary blend (Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Ashwagandha), gelatin, cellulose, silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, and lechithin phospholipids.

Product Features

This blend is an herbal dietary health product that presents with a few active ingredients. This is a very positive aspect, since most diet pills manufacturer tend to market the idea that the more ingredients they use, the more effective the formula will be.

The Avesil weight loss benefits credit the newly discovered thermogenesis, which generically denotes the process of heat production in the organism. The Avesil diet pills build on this process which allegedly naturally increases fat burning processes, which in turn increases energy consumption. Nevertheless, thermogenesis recognizes the crucial importance of physical exercise which should always accompany the diet program, even if we’re talking about the most basic training configuration.

Green tea is one of the ingredients that play an active role in this formula and is derived from a plant called Camellia sinensis. This ingredient has been known and used since ancient times and comes with a wide range of effects that support health as a whole. It is most commonly used for its effects that improve thinking and support mental alertness. This ingredient is also effective in helping people with weight loss and can help reduce fat, stimulate the metabolism, and improve endurance. This substance plays a role in reducing the excess of triglycerides present in the body and thus helps reduce the content of fat. This ingredient also presents with a number of antioxidants, one of which has metabolic stimulating effects and can speed up the process of losing weight. Muscle cells and the liver are stimulated as to use more fatty acids, resulting in a slower rate of burning carbohydrates, and thus a longer and more effective work out can be obtained. This ingredient is said to be safe if consumed for short periods of time, but there are some people that present with side effects like an upset stomach or constipation.

Two capsules per day is the suggested use. Avesil reviews generally place the formula in the area of effective weight loss solutions, under certain conditions (one of them being pairing treatment with exercise). However, some users brought up the subject of an Avesil scam, in that the formula had no results whatsoever, that the customer support service was in-polite and that the 14-day trial period is a false claim, the period actually being shorter.

Pregnant or nursing women are not to use this product, as well as people that are under 18. Avesil side effects rarely occur, and include elevated heart rate and mild headaches. Avesil precautions refer to people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, stroke, psychiatric diseases or people taking prescription drugs of any sort.

Sale Price: $89.95

Free Trial* Available: Yes

Store: Amazon

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  • This product presents with a termogenesis effect, a rather new concept on the diet aid market.
  • Lean muscles mass is not affected by this blend, given that the caffeine content is not the major ingredient.
  • There is a free 14 day trial program associated with this product, giving consumers the possibility.
  • Avesil side effects are rare and not very serious.


  • Information regarding the manufacturer is not available on the product’s dedicated page or elsewhere online.
  • Only people that are over 18 can use this blend, leaving out teenagers and children facing weight issues.
  • The price is high, about $70 for a month’s supply.
  • Some Avesil reviewspull the alarm on a potential Avesil scam.


Avesil is presented as a high end quality dietary health product that comes with a high price, but is effective in helping people lose weight, being blended using two ingredients that have herbal sources. This blend is said to support the burning of fat accumulated in the body, promote a better metabolism and energy levels, and also help sustain a better and more effective exercise. Other alternatives with similar active principles exist, such as Apidexin, however Avesil does seem to enjoys a comprehensive customer service program, and positive consumer testimonials. There are no money back guarantees and the price is quite high, but the shipping costs are low and there also is a free 14 day trial. This product can be ordered directly from its own web site. To the question “Does Avesil work?” we may confidently answer that there is a high probability you will achieve the wanted results if you properly follow the instruction and principles of the thermogenic principles.

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