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Avance PhosChol 565 Review
Avance PhosChol 565 Review

PUBLISHED: 01/29/2014 by breditor
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Avance PhosChol 565

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Avance PhosChol 565 is a nutritional formula advertised to assist with maintaining proper levels of Choline in the body. The benefits of the Best World Lifestyle Pte offered formula include improved memory and liver health, increased fat metabolism, reduced fatigue and improved concentration, and enhanced sensory abilities. The product is offered by Best World Lifestyle Pte, a company that claims to be dedicated in providing proper nutrition for the support of the overall health. Their award-winning supplement range is based on three principles, namely: efficacy, purity, and concentration. These essential principles are advertised as the manufacturer’s guarantee for quality.

This product is designed to help children and adults who experience feelings of fatigue and a sense of lethargy that interferes with their ability to focus and concentrate and/or those who suffer from poor liver health (hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, cholesterol, etc.). This might be an indication that your body is deficient in Phosphatidylcholine, a phospholipid involved in numerous processes in the human body, including in those related to brain and liver health.

Avance PhosChol 565 is advertised to provide 565 mg of pure Phosphatidylcholine, a much higher amount than the one featured by most supplements (generally advertised as Lecithin). This quantity of active compound is the equivalent of 3 glasses of soybean milk, one of the richest sources in this substance.

Avance PhosChol 565 Ingredients

Avance PhosChol 565 contains the following ingredients: Phosphatidylcholine, gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.

Product Features

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a compound that includes the chemical Choline. This substance is present in high amounts in natural food sources, including eggs, soybean, milk, beef liver, salmon, or broccoli. The substance is often called Lecithin, but in fact, Phosphatidylcholine is merely the predominant active compound of Lecithin.

The substance is a major component of cell membranes. Its health benefits have been observed through clinical trial and medical research. The substance was shown to be effective in slowing down the age-related processes, improving cognitive function, reducing memory impairment , reducing the symptoms of liver disease (hepatitis), enhancing the break-down of fats, and exerting a powerful anti-inflammatory action. However, this evidence resulted mainly from clinical studies conducted on animals and the extents of these benefits in men are unknown.

The main side effects associated with oral use of this substance are stomach upset, excessive sweating, and diarrhea. The injectable Phosphatidylcholine can cause irritation, itching, redness, and swelling. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to consume such a product. Drug interactions with anticholinergic drugs have also been observed. Phosphatidylcholine may interfere with the ability of such drugs to be effective.

The suggested dose for Avance PhosChol 565 is 1-3 softgels daily, after meals. The formula is also suitable for people who suffer from joint pains and gout because the product does not contain the substances (soy protein residues) usually present in similar products with known side effects in people who suffer from such conditions. A relevant number of Avance PhosChol 565 reviews is not available for online consulting.

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  • Avance PhosChol 565 offers an increased amount of active substance
  • The formula is developed by a reputable, awarded manufacturer
  • The official website is professional and easy to navigate


  • The formula is not clinically researched for potency
  • We could not find any information about the price of the formula or the official partners of the manufacturers
  • The formula does not seem to be available for online purchasing
  • The producer does not mention potential adverse reactions and drug interactions of their formulation


Avance PhosChol 565 dietary supplement is offered as a high purity supply of Phosphatidylcholine. The formula is advertised as superior to similar supplements due to its increased amount of active compound and the special extraction process that ensures the extraordinary purity of the formula.

Forelevated mental benefits and body’s natural resistance, the manufacturer recommends taking the formula along with SangoCal, V-Propolis, BifiMax, ImmuGain, SangoCal, and Super EPA 2000. The amount of active substance featured by this compound is relatively high. A daily supply may reach 1700 mg (when the maximum dose is taken) which is within the limits of the suggested daily dose (800-2,400mg) Although the manufacturer does not mention this information, to enhance absorption of this substance it is best to take the product with plenty of liquid (6-8 ounces).

As this supplement is not researched and the active substance itself has shown its therapeutic effects mostly in animal studies, it is best to consult a healthcare practitioner before using the formula.

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Avance PhosChol 565 Review
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