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AttenGo Review
AttenGo Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2014 by BR Technical
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AttenGo is conceived as an online neuro-cognitive training program designed to improve cognitive performance in terms of attention spam, memory, focus, and executive function. The program is offered by the company with the same name claiming to be a dedicated developer of clinically tested neuro technology. Their products aim to enhance the capacity of the brain in functioning at optimal parameters. The manufacturer offers various web-based training programs created to help people suffering from several major categories of affections, including attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities.

AttenGo is specifically designed to help adults and children over 6 years old affected by ADD and ADHD. It is advertised as a personalized program that addresses the root cause of these conditions instead of temporary relieving the symptoms. The program is promoted as a “computerized neuro-cognitive training” that can be completed by completing an initial questionnaire which allows the producer to elaborate a personalized program that suits the particular needs of the user.

AttenGo is claimed to produce long-term benefits on the cognitive function with benefits like: higher focus levels, reduced distractibility, impulsiveness and hyperactivity, better organization skills including self-management, enhanced memory on multiple levels (memory storage and retrieval, information processing, etc.) and sharper mind.

AttenGo Ingredients

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Product Features

AttenGo is offered as a web based software particularly helpful for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD conditions, but not limited to them.
It is designed to work by stimulating the brain in achieving better attention and concentration levels. The program quickens brain-wave activity and enhances blood flow in the frontal lobe, facilitating the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters including Dopamine. Several studies have linked the occurrence of attention disorders to low levels of Dopamine or imbalances in the activity of Dopamine receptors.
This program is designed to be followed 3 times per week in sessions of 30 minutes each. By doing that, a person may achieve noticeable results in approximately 3 months. For long-term benefits, the user is advised to continue this program for 6-12 months.

The program is presented as having a very intuitive interface that is simple and clean. It is also an adaptive product advertised to progress along with the abilities of the user. The progress of each session is memorized and a new session may be picked up from there, while the results and reports are presented in a clear and easy to read way.

AttenGo is advertised as clinically tested on both children and adults diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The studies involved adults and children and showed positive results particularly for the performance in achieving executive functions. This product is based on a 7 year research that resulted in the development of innovative tools and ways to help in the treatment of numerous cognitive affections.

AttenGo reviews are not very numerous and are mixed in terms of effectiveness. Some consumers claim to have seen no benefits after completing the whole program, while others say that because it is a time consuming activity, it was impossible to complete the program.

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  • AttenGo program is claimed to be based on extensive medical research
  • The program is marketed as clinically proven to improve cognitive aspects in people suffering from ADD and ADHD
  • A guarantee exists, consisting in a full refund for a period of 30 days
  • The user can complete a demo session after introducing several personal data on the official site.


  • There is a relatively low number of AttenGo reviews and testimonials from consumers (some of them are also negative)
  • There are only a few details about each session and what it consist of.
  • The price for a month subscription is high (approximately $80)


AttenGo is one of the brain training sessions available in the online environment marketed as a simple and effective way to improve cognitive performance in healthy or impaired individuals. The main targeted areas are attention& focus, executive functions and memory skills. It is advertised as a superior brain training tool due to its focus on treating the cause and not the symptoms. AttenGo is also claimed as a personalized program that is adjusted to meet the individual needs of each user. This feature is supposed to be another great advantage compared to other brain training programs.

The monthly price starts from $79 for a month’s subscription and decreases to a values of only $39 for a full year membership. The 30 day money back guarantee is available for each of the three alternatives offered by the manufacturer (the 1 month, 6 months or 12 months subscription). Several studies involving this specific program are mentioned on the official page. Their number is reduced and no other trials seem to be pending at the moment, although research about ADHD and its treatments are very numerous.

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AttenGo Review
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