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Asthma Mist Review
Asthma Mist Review

PUBLISHED: 04/15/2016 by brreader
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Asthma Mist

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Asthma Mist is a natural asthma treatment that relies on the principles of homeopathic medicine. The formula’s producer is not revealed, nor could we find this information anywhere. It’s like they don’t want customers to find out who manufactures the product, and we can’t imagine why.

Asthma Mist is offered as a fast acting solution for relieving the most common symptoms associated with asthma, namely: coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, tightness in the chest, wheezing, or mucous congestion. Asthma is a very common health condition usually caused by an allergy to certain or several substances or environmental factors. Unfortunately due to the large number of allergens it is nearly impossible to detect the one causing the allergic reactions in some cases. In these cases people have to live with these allergies all their lives without ever finding an effective line of treatment or a cure.


Asthma Mist contains the following ingredients: Asthma Mist contains the following ingredients: Arsenic, Belladonna, Blatta Orientalis, Kali Carbonicum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Lobelia Inflata, Ipecacuanha, Silicea Terra, Lobelia Inflata, Echinacea Angustifolia, Trifolium Pratense, Phosphorous, Arsenicum Album, Kali Carbonicum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Ictodes Fetidus, Bryonia Alba, Carbo Vegetabilis, and Arsenicum Iodatum.

Product Features

Asthma Mist formula is a natural remedy that comes in the form of a spray. The formula includes various herbal extracts and Arsenic. Arsenic is a trace element found in small quantities in various foods. When taken from food, Arsenic is likely safe, as it remains in acceptable limits. However, when used as a homeopathic remedy, the compound can become poisonous, particularly if excess doses are administered. Arsenic is a controversial therapeutic remedy, some claiming it is highly dangerous to use any product that contains Arsenic without the supervision of a specialized doctor. Still, the chemical is currently used in the treatment of various conditions, one of which is asthma.

Another extract used within this formula is the Belladonna extract, which can also be poisonous when used in high amounts. However, as a homeopathic ingredient, the plant has been shown to be an effective muscle relaxant with therapeutic uses in the treatment of respiratory conditions including asthma.

Blatta Orientalis, another herbal extract popular in homeopathy and acupuncture, is used for its ability to offer relief in diseases characterized by spasms. The herb acts as a bronchodilator and has been recently shown to possess potent anti-asthmatic and anti-anaphylactic qualities.

Asthma Mist contains numerous other herbs used traditionally for respiratory conditions. We advise consumers to consult with their attending physicians before turning to any unapproved solutions.

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  • The formula is based on natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to reduce asthma attacks and respiratory conditions’ symptoms.


  • There is no official page available for this formula and no information about the manufacturer.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not available online.
  • There are no indications about potential unwanted side effects and toxicity considering that some of the herbal extracts in the formula can become poisonous in larger quantities.


Although this supplement is advertised to offer immediate relief in asthma attacks, there is no science based evidence supporting this bold statement. We’re not convinced of the formula’s effectiveness because all the web-sites presenting the formula focus only on its “incredible” benefits, failing to mention the potential side-effects. We also believe that by failing to indicate the negative aspects of a product the consumer is intentionally misled into believing that he/she is buying a totally safe product. In fact most of the nutritional supplements and prescription drugs come with specific warnings that need to be indicated in order for the consumer to recognize them and ask for specialized help if needed.

In the end, Asthma Mist is just another product advertised as the best of its category. It might be an effective solution to asthma but the problem is that it is not demonstrated in any way. Please don’t fall in the trap of these marketing campaigns and get fully informed before buying any unapproved nutritional supplement.

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