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Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic Review
Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic Review

PUBLISHED: 09/27/2013 by BR Publishing
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Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic

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Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic has been presented as being the first nattokinase dietary supplement in the world and also the first and only raw nattokinase synbiotic.

This product has been designed by a company called Arthur Andrew Medical, a business that was fist established in 1999 under the name of Arizona Pharma Group. At first this company specialized in importing enzymes and other raw materials, but now strives to discover new medicines through enzyme research and development. This company claims to only make products with ingredients that have extensive clinical research for safety and efficiency.

Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic contains raw natto that includes its naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamin K2, 10 essential amino acids, and a nattokinase producing probiotic that is called Bacillys subtilis. The manufacturer claims that this formula has been especially created to address fibrin imbalance in the human body, thus aiming to help sustain the circulatory system. The compounds found in this product play a major role in normal blood viscosity as well as scar formation, making them essential in the healing process and vital for a state of well being. Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic is presented as being effective in sustaining the health of the cardiovascular system, skin, breasts and immune system, also helping with the cognitive function as well.

Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic Ingredients

Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic contains the following ingredients: Nattokinase, Nattobiotic, B.subtilis natto, isomalto oligosaccharide, and cellulose.

Product Features

This product is a unique blend of ingredients that have the desired effect of sustaining circulation and heart health.

Raw Nattokinase is the main active ingredient of this formula and is said to be a fibrinolytic enzyme that has been derived form a Japanese fermented soybean called natto, soybeans which have been fermented using the Bacillus subtilis bacteria. This ingredient has been the subject of numerous studies and has been concluded as having a large number of health benefits. Raw Nattokinase contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics that are removed during the extraction process. This enzyme has been used as a folk remedy for conditions that affect the heart and circulatory system, being found effective with high blood pressure, stroke, chest pain, atherosclerosis, and varicose veins. Some people have also found it to be useful in dealing with general health conditions, such as pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, muscle spasms, uterine fibroids, or infertility. The use of this ingredient is not advised if suffering form a bleeding disorder or if planning in having surgery, because it acts as a clot thinner; pregnant or nursing women are also advised not to use this ingredient.

The manufacturer suggests that two capsules are to be used each day.

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  • The main ingredient has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine.
  • The main ingredient is in its raw form.
  • There are several container sizes available.


  • There have been found no relevant testimonials about the effects of this formula.
  • The price of this product is high, about $50for a month’s supply.


Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic seems to be an unique product that has been designed using a raw form of Nattokinase and aims to support the health of the cardiovascular system. The manufacturer is a United States company that strives to manufacture natural formulas that are based on ingredients that are well researched and concluded to be effective and safe. The active ingredients are said to help with conditions like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, or varicose veins. This formula comes in containers that present with several sizes, the suggested use is two capsules of Arthur Andrew Medical Nattobiotic per day; the price is high, and there are no free trials or money back guarantees available.

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