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Aromavex Review
Aromavex Review

PUBLISHED: 06/11/2013 by BR Moderator
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Aromavex is a relatively new product that aims to provide hormone support for men that undertake treatments that stimulate testosterone production. Manufactured by Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN), it is a concentrated formula that is intended for use alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet. The company has several products that are oriented around increasing the effectiveness of men’s health and performance, Avomavex being one of their latest research and development efforts.

BSN is a company specialized in developing novel supplements aimed mostly at supporting the needs of athletes and body builders. Their products help people that follow intense workout regimes or practice professional sports keep up with their body–s requirements. They do not use any forbidden substances and their products are used by many performers around the globe. Also, their production facilities are known no cling to the highest standards imposed in the United States.

Aromavex’s usefulness is not limited to this kind of people. The product is design to work together with another BSN product that offers direct testosterone support. If you have recently started activities that are associated with an elevated level of testosterone, pairing Avomavex with its sister products will make sure that your body uses the extra testosterone in a more effective manner.

Aromavex Ingredients

Aromavex contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D, Calcium, Mangosteen extract, Prunella Vulgaris extract, Barbary Wolfberry extract, Turmeric extract, Bee Propolis, Grape Seed extract, Pterostilbene, Trans-resveratrol, Black Pepper extract, Cholecalciferol, gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and titanium dioxide.

Product Features

Aromavex is a hormone support medical solution. Many athletes and people that want to increase body mass either use hormonal treatments or hold diets that encourage the production of certain hormones. Usually it is testosterone that is the target of these strategies. However, the human body has a limit to how much testosterone it can use at a given time. A dedicated enzyme transforms the excess testosterone into a substance called oestrogen. This physical process reduces the effectiveness of these treatments.

Aromavex is part of the solution to this problem. Its main goal is to inhibit the action of the enzyme that transforms testosterone into oestrogen. As the enzyme is inhibited the quantity of free testosterone in the bloodstream increases and the treatment is more efficient. Apart from this main effect, Aromavex also provides a multitude of ingredients that are useful for a body that needs to process large quantities of testosterone.

This product is administered both during the treatment and after the treatment is done. It is good to continue taking it because hormonal treatments unfold their effects over long periods of time. It is also good to use supporting products and adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly in order to avoid disturbing the balance of your body’s hormonal state.

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  • It provides effective support for testosterone related treatments
  • The manufacturer provides clear indication on the product’s use
  • Tested by professional athletes and body builders


  • No free trial offers
  • Needs to be taken together with other products in order to achieve full effects


BSN is a reputable company that produces top quality products aimed at people with intense physical activity schedules. It provides solutions for both people that seek power and those that seek endurance. Their laboratories and production facilities have been submitted to numerous reviews. It is because of these high standards of quality that their products are being used worldwide by renowned performers.

Aromavex is a product that works very well in conjunction with testosterone support drugs and it is aimed at increasing the efficiency of testosterone absorption in the human body. It provides much needed substances that make sure the effort you have put into your hormonal treatment is not wasted. While it is only a piece of a bigger puzzle, this supplement plays an important role in any successful use of testosterone.

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Aromavex Review
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