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Argentum nitricum
Argentum nitricum

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Argentum nitricum

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Did you know that Argentum is one of those products that will help you when anxiety or stress comes your way? You probably have experienced certain levels of anxiety that were hard to control, yes? A good example is when you’re almost making a presentation in front of a large crowd! You are more likely to feel nervous or develop stage fright. Studies have shown that Arginine Nitricum is a great remedy for such conditions. Boiron claims that this product is designed to work within a short time upon swallowing the pills. Silver nitrate is the key ingredient used to manufacture Arginine Nitricum. During the past years, this remedy has been used to reduce agitation, relieve anxiety and calm stress. It is recommended that you use Arginine Nitricum whenever you experience symptoms of anxiety or over excitement.


Argentum nitricum contains the following ingredients: Argentum Nitricum (10M).

Product Features

Argentum Nitricum by Boiron has high potential of reliving acute anxiety in some instances. Different individuals claim that this product has awesome healing effects. This is especially so when you feel emotionally unstable. Boiron packs are produced in bottles of different sizes containing different numbers of tablets. These tablets are designed to dissolve easily and quickly once in the mouth. Users are recommended to use five tablets in the morning, lunch and evening hours for fast results.

The good thing about this product is that it does not contain additives or unwanted tastes. This will enable you to dissolve the tablets in your mouth without getting irritated with the taste. In addition, this product is sold at a very affordable price in various online stores and pharmacies.

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  • Argentum Nitricum by Boiron has so many advantages that will motivate you to purchase the product. For starters, this product contains a potent ingredient used to treat several conditions. According to studies, Argentum Nitricum has been used in the past to treat digestion problems, wounds and warts. Health practitioners relied on it to treat epilepsy in kids. Nowadays, it is mostly used to ease nervousness, anxiety and stress.
  • Another advantage is that this product is available at affordable prices in most online stores. The average price of one packet is around 7-9 dollars without including shipping charges. You can access this product from any convenient store. This is as long as you place an order from your best online store.


  • Argentum Nitricum has some flaws that consumers do not like. For instance, studies show that this product might be poisonous to your body when consumed in large amounts. Some consumers claim that they experienced allergic effects due to the presence of silver nitrate in the product. Pregnant or breastfeeding moms are not allowed to consume the product without seeking advice from a healthcare practitioner.


It is evident that Argentum Nitricum by Boiron has many advantages you’d love utilize. Boiron claims that the product is quite effective when it comes to relieving stress, anxiety, nervousness, stage fright and irritability. Do not allow stress or irritability to disrupt your life! Argentum Nitricum is here for all your anxiety problems.

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