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Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels Review
Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels Review

PUBLISHED: 07/30/2012 by BR Moderator
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Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels

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Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels by Nordic Naturals is an Omega-3 Supplement manufactured from the fatty tissues found in the livers of cod fish. The core benefits marketed are support for the heart and brain health and for the proper function of the immune and nervous system.

According to the manufacturer, the supplement has the highest DHA, vitamin A and vitamin D content of any cod species and delivers essential Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) in quantities larger than other cod liver oil based products. Also, the formula relies on Omega-3 oil rather than on multivitamins or herbal ingredients, like other products with similar benefits do. Still, the manufacturer mentions no clinical trials or studies to demonstrate the product’s superiority over other products.

Nordic Naturals, the manufacturing company, is a business based in California, United States. The company enjoys a very good reputation and has received numerous nutrition industry awards.

Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels Ingredients

Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels includes the following ingredients: EPA, DHA, Omega-3, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Product Features

Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels is a nutritional supplement designed to deliver the necessary Omega-3 for the proper functioning of several essential body organs or systems. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are 100% cod fish in origin, no multivitamins or herbal extracts added. The manufacturer mentions no side effects associated to the product.

DHA and EPA are Omega-3 fatty acids considered essential for the proper functioning of the human body. FDA and other major medical institutions have issued encouraging statements regarding the importance of the Omega-3 and fatty acids derived from it. Omega-3 fats have been shown to support the health of the heart, brain, eyes, joints and skin. DHA is found in the retina of the eye and getting DHA from diet or dietary supplements is often necessary for normal eye function.

Vitamin A, another important ingredient of the formula, also plays an important role in the well-functioning of the eyes, immune system and heart; whereas recent research has shown it may possibly act to prevent some forms of cancer. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin A. It actually contains Vitamin A in such large quantities that minute doses can provide all of the day’s dietary needs for this essential nutrient.

Three soft gels is the daily dosage recommended. Consumer reviews for Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels are extremely positive, reporting increased effectiveness for the product.

Sale Price: $39.95

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  • Excellent reputation of the manufacturer;
  • The ingredients are 100% originated in cod fish oil;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Good consumer reviews;


  • Lack of clinical research to support product effectiveness;
  • Relatively expensive product;


Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels is an Omega-3 Oil and vitamins formula designed to support the well-functioning of the heart, brain, immune and nervous systems. Although the manufacturer does not mention the product being subject to any clinical trials or research, it does guarantee the ingredients are 100% arctic cod liver. Consumer reviews mention increased effectiveness and the lack of the fish aftertaste specific to similar products.

Omega-3 and Omega-3 fatty acids benefits have recently come to the attention of scientists and researchers all over the world, due to their extremely positive effects on a number of body functions and organs. Still, it is our recommendation that a healthcare provider is consulted prior to beginning any treatment.

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