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Anxiety Soother Review
Anxiety Soother Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2017 by BR Publishing
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Anxiety Soother

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Anxiety Soother is a natural herbal supplement to calm and stabilize your nervous system. It’s sold by Herb Pharm, a company founded in 1979. They’re located in Williams, Oregon. They have more than 100 types of herbs for products. Some are grown in the United States, while others are grown in a variety of countries. Herb Pharm says they use a global network of growing partners and wildcrafters. A map on their website says the company uses 24 locations for herb-growing around the world, including 9 in the Americas. Ginger, for example, is grown in Hawaii and China.


Anxiety Soother contains the following ingredients: Kava rhizome with root, Passionflower flowering herb, Bacopa herb, Albizia bark, Lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia), Lavender flower essential oil.

Product Features

This product can be used for reducing anxiety, stress, and restlessness, plus treating sleeping problems such as insomnia. The active ingredients include Kava rhizome, Passionflower, Bacopa monnieri, Albizia bark, and Lavender. With each serving of this product (0.7 ml) you’re getting about 284 mg of the proprietary herb blend and 9 mg of essential oil (lavender). Kava and lavender are both known for their reliability in reducing some forms of anxiety. Daily use of Kava and Bacopa is usually 300 mg, while lavender is 80 to 160 mg a day. Passionflower and Albizia haven’t been studied enough to know what the best dose is. However, all of the ingredients in Anxiety Soother appear to be complementary. Putting one dropperful in your drinks, three times a day, may be the best option for most people.

Kava (Piper methysticum) a plant native to some western Pacific islands. Due to safety concerns, the plant is banned in Europe and Canada. Always ask your doctor before using a product with Kava. Some people shouldn’t use it. This is especially true if you’re pregnant, nursing, have liver problems, or if you use other medicines.

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  • Effectively a nootropic stack because of the variety of herbs in each serving. They seem to work well together and nothing is really out of place.
  • Works quickly for many people. In many cases it starts to kick in within 15 minutes or so.


  • The company doesn’t tell us how much of each substance is included. They do say that one serving is equivalent to 284 mg of herbs. This leaves the remainder of each serving as water, cane alcohol, and essential oil.
  • Reviewers mention that this has a strong taste which may last for hours. It can be unpleasant for many people.


For some people, this is a product which certainly works. The biggest complaint is the taste. Many reviewers, even if they like the effects of this product, don’t like the taste. They say it’s very bitter and strong, so you may need to take Anxiety Soother with a large glass of juice to mask the taste. In general people believe Anxiety Soother does what it promises. It calms you, reduces mild anxiety, and can work as a sleep aid. The product is all natural, affordable, and uses herbs grown with a reputable source. If you like what you hear, this is probably something you will like using.

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Anxiety Soother ReviewBR Publishing2.52017-02-02 11:27:13
Anxiety Soother Review
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    Jennifer Dudley

    How long after should I wait until breastfeeding if I’ve took some of this product (herb Pharm anxiety soother).