Anxiety Disorders


Claustrophobia represents an anxiety disorder in which the person possesses an irrational fear linked to closed spaces. This is related to the fact that they feel they have more


Agoraphobia is categorized as an anxiety disorder. People suffering from this disease often feel anxiety in environments that are crowded or vast. Their anxiety makes them perceive these more


Acrophobia is a psychological disease that manifests itself through an irrational and extreme fear of heights. The name comes from the Greek “akron,” which means edge or summit, more


Aviatophobia represents the fear of flying. Other names by which it’s known include aerophobia, aviophobia, and pteromechanophobia. Individuals who suffer from it experience episodes of intense anxiety during more

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety disorders in children are most of the times regarded as a normal part of growth, mostly because the majority goes through some phases. However, if the phase more

Anxiety in Adults

Anxiety is the term that describes some severe disorders which manifest through apprehension, fear, worrying, and nervousness. Unfortunately, these disorders end up affecting feelings and behavior, and physical more