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Anxiety #320 Review
Anxiety #320 Review

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2011 by brreader
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Anxiety #320

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Anxiety #320 was developed to serve as a homeopathic mixture remedy and a calming solution for agitated, sleepless or restless nerves. The company behind this product is Luyties Pharmacal (or according to the official website, 1-800-Homeopathy as the established brand and catalog of Luyties Pharmacal) and it has been in business for more than 150 years. It was founded back in the 1840’s, when Herman Luyties opened a small homeopathic practice in St. Luis. Since then, Luytiers Pharmacal has provided a large range of nutritional and herbal supplements to their consumers.

Anxiety #320 makes no exception from this policy. The supplement contains safe and natural ingredients like Aconite, Kali Phos and Passiflora (Passion Flower). According to the company, this product is a great remedy for those who suffer from anxious thoughts, ongoing stress or fatigue and it provides calming and stabilizing conform without serious side effects.

Anxiety #320 Ingredients

Anxiety #320 contains: Aconite, Caffeinum, Nat carb, Kali phos and Passiflora.

Product Features

According to its makers, Anxiety #320 contains several well-known ingredients in treating stress and anxiety. Aconite calms anxious nerves and sudden frights and it minimizes shock and other possible side-effects. Another important ingredient, caffeinum, relieves restless, sleepless nerves and dizziness. Passiflora is a 100% natural extract that offers gentle calming support for a good night’s sleep. Kali phos is the name used in homeopathy for potassium phosphate; it is used as a calming ingredient, used primarily for children and adolescents, but it has been successfully administered to adults as well.

While the company lists all these as natural ingredients with so-called miraculous effects, we were unable to find any dedicated studies to support these statements. However, based on consumers testimonials, the results are not as spectacular as promised. Anxiety #320 shows some good results in treating the problems from above, but it’s hardly different from any other similar product.

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  • It contains several homeopathic, natural ingredients with stress relieve properties
  • The company has a long history of more than 150 years for providing natural supplements
  • There are no listed side effects and no studies to prove otherwise
  • Affordable price: $8.95 for 500 tablets


  • There are no studies to support most of the company’s statements
  • Many negative testimonials
  • There is very few information on the company website (most of the data is on company background and product ingredients)


Anxiety #320 does work, but apparently not as flawlessly as the producing company advertises. With no concrete studies on this remedy effectiveness, the only thing that remains to reveal this product potential are people’s testimonials. And most of these testimonials are negative.

One positive thing is the low price for this remedy: with $8.95 for 500 tables, the supplement is highly accessible to everyone. Even without major discounts or trial periods, users should be able to purchase and use the product.

Anxiety #320 uses many natural ingredients, well-known for their properties in treating ongoing stress and anxiety. While the mixture itself is not unique (some of these ingredients, like aconite, are widely used on other similar products too), the company tried to provide a natural combination remedy rather than a synthetic one, which is not a bad thing.

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Anxiety #320 Review
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