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Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule Review
Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule Review

PUBLISHED: 07/31/2012 by BR Publishing
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Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule

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Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule is a nutritional supplement designed to improve sleep quality and physical strength and prolong life. However, none of these benefit claims are supported by actual evidence. Other benefits mentioned by the manufacturer include supporting body-building activities, as a nutritional supply and as a beauty product (due to claimed rejuvenation properties).

The manufacture of this formula is Shenzhen FYK Biology & Technology, a company specialized in manufacturing skin-care and health-care products and beauty equipment. Little information is available about the company’s history or performances registered in its field of activity.

The formula is based on the extract of ganoderma spore powder, 100% micro-broken to ensure a high-effectiveness and quality.

Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule Ingredients

Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule contains the following ingredients: Ling chih Spore Powder, Royal Jelly Powder and Panax Ginseng

Product Features

Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule is an herbal-based formula.

The Ling chih (also known as Varnish Conk, Ling qi, Ling-Zhi or Reishi) is a medicinal mushroom traditionally used in Chinese medicine. The mushroom is believed to have a very low toxicity and many properties such as: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor. It has been proved efficient in the ailment of various disorders like diabetes, hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension and different types of cancer.

Panax Ginseng or Asian ginseng is a plant considered effective in improving immune function and psychological function. It has been scientifically shown to posses anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

The suggested use is of 2-3 capsules daily (for healthy people) or 3-4 capsules for generally weak people (the manufacturer gives no further details about the meaning of “weak” in terms of the health state).

People suffering from heart disease, malfunction of liver or kidneys, children and pregnant women are not allowed to use the supplement.

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  • Natural formula
  • Ingredients are proven traditional treatments for disorders aimed to be ameliorated by this supplement
  • Ingredients are generally well-tolerated and have few side effects


  • Little information of how the supplement works
  • No scientific evidence of the supplement’s efficiency
  • Insufficient and sometimes incoherent information of ailment claims and usage (e.g. “keep life longer”, “weak people”)
  • Manufacturer’s website is hard to navigate, essential information is scattered and sometimes ambiguous


Anti-aging Gel Lingzhi Spore Capsule is marketed as a multi-benefit product, designed to help improve physical strength, provide a restful sleep, act as a nutritional supply as well as a beauty product (beneficial for face skin).

While the ingredients have been used traditionally for the ailment of various conditions, no conclusive evidence of this formula’s effectiveness is provided. More so, the information found about the product is confusing due to defective or incomplete language.

There is no mention about an FDA evaluation on the product, making the consent of a healthcare professional mandatory.

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