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Nutraceutics Aniracetam Review
Nutraceutics Aniracetam Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2014 by BR Technical
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Nutraceutics Aniracetam

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Aniracetam is offered as a nootropic drug and is credited as a cognitive function enhancer. The formula is developed by Nutraceutics RX, a company based in the United States. An official web page of the manufacturer could not be identified however, although the producer appears to offer various other dietary supplements that cover different health claims.

Nutraceutics Aniracetam is available in two forms: as a powder and as capsules. The active ingredient has similar benefits to Piracetam, namely improving memory recall and alertness. The substances known as Nootropics act mainly on the Corpus Calossum, the part of the brain that links the lefts hemisphere to the right one. The main role of this white matter is to facilitate communication between the two parts of the brain: it allows the logical hemisphere (left) to efficiently communicate with the creative hemisphere (right) and this is believed to be the premise of a healthy functioning brain, and proper mental abilities.

The formula is also believed to influence the levels of two important neurotransmitters: Serotonin and Dopamine, both strictly related to how the body perceives and acts under stress. Nutraceutics Aniracetam effects may also include cognitive benefits in people suffering from neuro-degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The formulation is designed to help adults in increasing their brain abilities, including memory, concentration, focus, and creativity.

Nutraceutics Aniracetam Ingredients

Nutraceutics Aniracetam contains the following ingredients: LAniracetam, gelatin (capsules), and rice flour.

Product Features

Nutraceutics Aniracetam is based on a single active ingredient.
This is a fat-soluble compound researched for its believed benefits on cognition. The substance is part of the racetams family and is regarded considerably more potent than Piracetam due to its fat-soluble properties. This translates into a higher penetration rate of the blood brain barrier, which makes it more easily absorbed in the brain. Research on both human and animal subjects revealed its abilities in reducing anxiety and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The compound has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its subtle but impressive action on the brain, particularly on the creativity, but also because it seems to be very potent in helping people to relax, concentrate and learn faster, sleep better, and release from anxiety. Some people recommend a combination between several Nootropics from the racetams family as they seem to work synergistically towards promoting an overall health.
Some of the reported downsides of such drugs are its bitter taste, the relatively slow effect (the first improvements are not usually noticed before two weeks) and the fact that for maximum benefits the formula needs to be taken with a meal that consists in foods containing high amounts of fats).

A common side effect associated with the use of Nutraceutics Aniracetam is headaches. It has been stated that the combination Aniracetam-Choline may help in preventing such symptoms and increases the individual therapeutic effects of these substances. Nutraceutics Aniracetam reviews have been generally praising the formula’s potent effects in improving various area of mental performance. The proper dosage of Aniracetam based products was established at 750 -1500 mg per day, but this value has not been approved by any medical authority.
Although these types of formulations are considered generally safe and non-addictive, mild effects may sometimes occur in the form of headaches and anxiety.
The suggested dosage for this formula is 1-4 capsules daily.

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  • The formula is based on a single active ingredient considered a safe natural substance
  • The active substance has been researched and showed positive results in improving cognition
  • Aniracetam reviews and other supplements which feature this exact active substance are generally positive in terms of effectiveness and lack of dangerous side effects.


  • This particular supplement is not scientifically researched
  • We could not find any testimonials available for consulting about this specific product
  • An official web page of the supplement or the manufacturer does not exist
  • Aniracetam products are not approved by the FDA and are classified as prescription drugs by this authority.
  • Although you can buy Aniracetam based supplements from a number of online and offline retailers, we were able to identifylimited distribution for Nutraceutix Aniracetam


Nutraceutics Aniracetam is a drug commonly used by individuals who want to improve their mental capacities. Although the formula is available for online purchasing as an over the counter supplement in some countries, self-medication with such substances (Nootropics) is not recommended. A professional consultation is highly advised when considering using Aniracetam supplements, mainly because research involving Nootropics is not very advanced and some unexpected reactions or drug interactions (with harmful effects on the users) are possible.

Nutraceutics Aniracetam seems to be still available for online purchasing, but from a reduced number of suppliers. Further research is however necessary to check the availability of the formula. Official information about this formula is not available at the time of this review. The lack of any testimonials from consumers is also a major disadvantage. It is also our recommendation to ask your physician before starting any treatment with such a product.

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