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Angelica Extract Review
Angelica Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 03/05/2013 by BR Publishing
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Angelica Extract

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Angelica Extract is an herbal product that may be effective in treating stomach problems, high blood pressure, and infections of the urinary tract among other. The company producing this tincture is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs produces and sells herbal formulations since 1987. Almost all their products are organic, therefore they should not contain traces of harmful substances like fertilizers. Moreover they package and sell bulk herbs which acquired primarily from certified organic farms in the United States or from abroad.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, Angelica Extract is a certified organic tincture produced using a 1:2 ratio (two parts of grain alcohol and one part angelica). Tinctures usually are more rapidly absorbed than capsules and in addition they have a longer shelf life and are more powerful remedies, according to the producer. Potential ailment claims are based on the tradition uses of angelica, as otherwise the manufacturer does not offer many details (probably due to the fact that the formula has not been evaluated by the FDA therefore it should not be marketed as being able to prevent or treat health problems). Thus, the tincture may help people with gassiness, fever, productive coughs, and high BP among other.

Angelica Extract Ingredients

Angelica Extract contains the following ingredients: fresh root of angelica and grain alcohol.

Product Features

Angelica Extract is a tincture based on a single herb, angelica archangelica. This plant has been used for a long time in folk medicine for treating digestive disorders like colic and flatulence, urinary infections, yeast, fever, lung congestion, and for promoting good blood circulation. In addition, it has also been recommended for premature ejaculation and for some menstruation symptoms. Based on laboratory tests, angelica may indeed act like an expectorant (therefore it should be useful in treating colds) and is able to relieve and prevent symptoms of gas. In addition, it might help in the treatment of anemia, according to preliminary studies. There are limited clinical trials on humans though, therefore, although angelica seems to have several medicinal uses, scientists have not determined how potent it actually is.

The tincture promoted by Mountain Rose Herbs is not evaluated by the FDA; therefore, its effectiveness is not guaranteed. This may be a reason why the company does not list potential ailment claims for the product.

Angelica Extract is sold in bottles of one ounce or four ounces. They are provided with a dropper. The producer does not recommend a daily dose however. It does list some precautions nonetheless. Thus, it would be safer not to use angelica if you are pregnant or still nursing. In addition, angelica may increase the risk of sunburn.

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  • It costs $ 7.6-$9.5 per ounce, and given that it should be used in small quantities, this would recommend it an inexpensive to moderately-priced product
  • The producer offers a money-back guarantee (60 days)
  • It is certified organic


  • Shipping charges may be high (when ordering from the manufacturer)
  • Angelica could interact with blood thinning medication
  • The number of online consumer reviews is very small


Angelica Extract might be effective in treating certain health disorders for which angelica root was used in traditional medicine. However one drawback would be that the herb has not been thoroughly studies by scientists, therefore its effectiveness has not been proven. We would have liked to see some online consumer reviews, which would have provided us with insight on potential side effects and on the quality of Angelica Extract.

We recommend you to ask for advice from a healthcare practitioner before using Angelica Extract in order to get indications on the daily dose (the producer does not make any recommendations) that is appropriate for your condition. Moreover, you should also ask your doctor if Angelica Extract may interact with other drugs you may be taking (for instance, it may with warfarin).

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