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Ampakines Review
Ampakines Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2014 by BR Publishing
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Ampakines are a class of compounds that have been researched due to their potential positive effects on attention span, alertness, and memory. The formula is offered under the brand Cortex Pharmaceuticals by the manufacturer with the same name. The company is a self-proclaimed pioneer in research and discovery of the AMPA-type glutamate receptor modulators, including the Ampakine drug class. The manufacturer promotes their line of products as particularly helpful in treating brain-controlled breathing disorders such as respiratory depression, sleep apnea, congenital hypoventilation syndrome, obesity hypoventilation syndrome or stroke-induced central sleep apnea. The products based on Ampakines molecules developed by this manufacturer include the following formulations: CX1739, CX1942, Dronabinol, CX1739, and Dronabinol &CX1739.

Ampakines act as modulators for several neurotransmitters in the brain. By altering the brain’s chemistry, these substances have significant roles in several brain related activities and processes described above. They are also used in the treatment of health conditions that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Cortex Pharmaceuticals is focused on the research and development of products useful in the treatment of several types of breathing disorders. The manufacturer identifies the major potential cause of such conditions as resulting from the changes in neuronal signaling to the lungs or to muscles responsible for controlling the size of the upper airway in the throat. The neuronal signaling to these organs may be interfered by several major factors, including some medication (opiate painkillers, anesthetics), certain conditions (congestive heart failure), genetic mutations (RETT syndrome), and degenerations of the neurons in patients affected by age-related diseases.

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Cortex Pharmaceuticals offers three different products based on the therapeutic effects of Ampakines: the CX1739, Dronabinol, and CX1942.

Ampakines regulate the activity of several major neurotransmitters, substances known to bind to the receptors located in brain cells. Ampakines have the ability to influence these receptors, including the enhancement of the functioning of the AMPA receptor, important for its benefits on memory formation and communication in the brain. Ampakines advertised to prevent respiratory depression caused by the use of opiate painkillers (morphine, fenantanyl, codeine, vicodin) and barbiturates (sedative drugs such as aprobarbital, butabarbital, etc.) without affecting the analgesic or anesthetic effect of this medication. This condition is known to be a leading cause of death from overdosing with this type of medication, but may also occur during a physician-prescribed treatment after major trauma, cancer and other illnesses.

The compounds have been clinically studied and are thought to be an effective alternative to opiate receptor antagonists normally prescribed for the prevention of opiate-induced respiratory depression. The special interest derives from the ability of these compounds to assist patients, without reducing pain relief and sedation effects of the opionids.

Current research is claimed to have shown no severe side effects on long-term.

CX1739 is advertised as a Phase 2 oral drug product, meaning that it has already completed and passed a Phase 1 human safety and tolerability study in the treatment of drug induced-respiratory depression. The product is also in its early stages of research for its use in treating central sleep apnea in chronic heart failure, central sleep apnea in chronic opioids users and obstructive sleep apnea. Another Ampakine offered by this manufacturer to treat respiratory depression is CX1942. The drug, designed as an intravenous treatment, is advertised as several times more potent than CX1739. Research is however less advantage and consists mainly of animal study based evidence.

Dronabinol (oral drug) is particularly researched for its potential benefits in patients suffering from sleep apnea. A pilot study seems to have revealed positive results of the drug in reducing the apnea-hypopnea scores. The trial did not reveal any harmful side effects, which has led researchers to believe that this could be a safe and effective pharmaceutical solution in the treatment of this disease.

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  • Ampakines have been clinically researched and are believed to be a safe and highly effective solution for several related brain conditions
  • The manufacturer is a popular research company and developer of scientifically tested Ampakine compounds
  • Numerous scientific trials involving these compounds are currently in progress


  • Research involving the products of this manufacturer is in progress but the final results are not yet available
  • Testimonials about these products are not available for consulting
  • The products are not available for online purchasing (most probably because they are considered prescription drugs)


Cortex Pharmaceuticals Ampakines are based on a class of compounds currently researched for the benefits on various brain related medical areas. These substances are relatively new in the pharmaceutical industry, but early research seems to reveal increased efficiency with reduced side effects and contraindications. Because available studies are in a relatively reduced number (and not all of them involve human subjects) it is safe to say that the results are not conclusive and precaution is advised in administering such drugs.

This particular company offers several Ampakine drugs and offers information about each of these products and the level of research involving each of these. The official web page mentions three major drugs from the Ampakine class of compounds, but it seems that the company has developed other such medication. None of these products are available for online purchasing. This is probably because using such a product without professional supervision may lead to safety issues and other health complications (although clinical trials are claimed to have shown no important downside for the use of these drugs).

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Ampakines Review
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