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Amen Clinics Neuro PS Review
Amen Clinics Neuro PS Review

PUBLISHED: 10/05/2013 by BR Publishing
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Amen Clinics Neuro PS

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Amen Clinics Neuro PS is a nutritional supplement formulated to provide the necessary support against brain aging and mental decline associated, while also boosting concentration and memory capacity.

The formula is the creation of Doctor Daniel Amen, the founder of Amen Clinics and a reputable researcher in the field of brain imaging. He is a bestselling author of a large number of medical papers, articles and books and programs designed to help people prevent and treat different conditions to improve their life. Amen Clinics is represented in some of the most important cities in America: San Francisco, Newport Beach, Washington, Atlanta, New York, and Georgia. The clinic is in possession of the world’s largest database of functional brain scans related to behaviors.

Neuro PS is advertised as an effective formula based on a substance used to improve cognitive functions in elderly people such as learning skills, memory, vocabulary skills and concentration.

Amen Clinics Neuro PS is designed for the use of adults interested in diminishing the negative consequences caused by various diseases affecting the human brain. Phosphatidylserine (or PS) is a common substance in products designed to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD in children.

Amen Clinics Neuro PS Ingredients

Amen Clinics Neuro PS contains the following ingredients: Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp PS Green from sunflower lecithin), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Neuro PS nutritional supplement is a phospholipid present in the cell membranes from the brain.

Phosphatidylserine is a chemical available in various foods (soybeans, egg yolk, lamb’s kidneys) which can also be produced by the human body. However, it is not possible to accumulate optimal amounts of the substance from dietary sources only. Initially, the PS from dietary supplements was synthesized from bovine brain, but in more recent years, it has been banned due to health concerns of mad cow’s disease. Today, this substance is extracted from soybeans or cabbage, but the structure is not identical to the bovine Phosphatidylserine.

All studies that support the benefits of PS on maintaining brain performance and reducing certain symptoms like forgetfulness, memory impairment, or speech problems involve animal based supplements. Vegetal PS was also clinically researched, but studies on humans did not show the same benefits. The FDA even concluded, after analyzing a number of studies, that the use of PS as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive dysfunction has no noticeable benefit.

Although PS is considered likely safe, increased doses may cause side effects such as stomach upset or insomnia. Also, the substance interacts with other medications. A complete list of drugs that are affected by the compound is available only by consulting a specialist.

The number of testimonials from consumers is limited. This is why it cannot be stated that this is an effective formula (even if the developer is a reputable and experienced scientist).

The suggested use of Amen Clinics Neuro PS is of 1 capsule daily, or as directed.

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  • Doctor Amen is a reputable medicine practitioner
  • Online purchasing is secured
  • Free shipping is available for order over $50 (on US territory)
  • 100% quality assurance is offered on all company products


  • Reduced number of reviews for the formula is available
  • The formula comes with a relatively-high price for a bottle
  • This is not a clinically researched formula
  • No free trial is available


Amen Clinics Neuro PS dietary supplement is formulated to promote brain health through a single active ingredient, the chemical Phosphatidylserine. The product is claimed to contain sunflower seed based compounds that work effectively to reduce the risk of diseases affecting the brain.

Amen Clinics Neuro PS doesn’t contain gluten, which makes it a choice for people with a gluten allergy, seen rather common. Some of the benefits of PS are not supported by the FDA. Also there are no reviews from potential consumers, making it impossible to establish if the formula helps people, is ineffective or even harmful in any way. Many reputable competitors offer similar formulations at lower prices and with higher concentrations of active substance. However, this is a good choice and is especially recommended given the good reputation of its designer.

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