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Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola Review
Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2016 by BR Moderator
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Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola

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Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola is an organic extract of the rainforest plant Annona muricata commonly known as Graviola. The formula is recommended as a tonic. The website of the manufacturer, Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories is not available at this time. However, it seems they offer special attention to preserving the natural resources and the rainforest by sustainable harvesting.

There is not much information about this formula’s purpose, but research shows Graviola possesses a wide range of medicinal properties and has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicines in numerous parts of the world. Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola is based on a mix of Graviola and alcohol which helps preserve the formula’s integrity.


Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola contains the following ingredients: Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola contains the following ingredients: proprietary compound of Graviola (Annona muricata), distilled water, and certified 40% organic grain alcohol.

Product Features

Graviola, a rainforest plant used for medicinal purposes in Central and South America, is now a very popular natural remedy all around the world. Different parts of the plant are used to treat specific illnesses. For example, the fruit is believed to reduce fever, treat diarrhea, and kill intestinal parasites. The bark is used as a sedative and antispasmodic and to speed healing of wounds. Other uses refer to its ability to reduce blood pressure, treat digestive problems, colds and flus, reduce symptoms of asthma, reduce inflammations in the joints, and even increase lactation. Research also supports its antiviral, antirheumatic, antiparasitic, and emetic (a medicine that induces nausea and vomiting) qualities. Graviola extracts have also been used to treat mood problems and reduce stress symptoms. For exerting mood enhancing benefits, Graviola is traditionally combined with a bark of another rainforest tree (Mulungu).

Graviola’s anticancerous benefits have also been explored by modern medicine. Researchers believe that the plant has the ability to distinguish between cancerous cells and healthy ones because cancer cells have a much higher level of cellular activity. Active compounds from Graviola called acetogenins recognize and inhibit the growth of these cells, leaving the healthy ones unaffected.

Like almost all herbal remedies, Graviola use has been associated with certain side effects such as nausea and vomiting (when used excessively) and low blood pressure (which becomes dangerous in people who already suffer from hypotension). Graviola should not be combined with co-enzyme Q10 as they cancel each other’s effect. Namely, CoQ10 increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels while Graviola has been shown to reduce the levels of ATP.

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  • The product is a natural remedy based on a plant extract believed to benefit overall health.
  • The active substance in this formula is clinically researched and used for centuries as a medicinal remedy, with few and mild unwanted reactions reported.


  • The formula comes in a single size package- bottle of 2 oz. (60 ml). The daily recommended dose is of 20-30 drops one-two times daily, but we cannot evaluate how many ml one serving means, so we can’t known for how long will one bottle last.
  • We could’t find the official site of the manufacturer (if there is one)


Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories Graviola is a single ingredient supplement designed to support human health under various aspects. Besides its tonic properties, the supplement should also improve mood, reduce stress levels, and promote optimal immune function in healthy individuals. Unfortunately, a daily recommended intake has not been established, so please ask your doctor prior to starting using the formula. Some adverse reactions and interactions with other substances have been reported.

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