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Alpha-Lactalbumin Review
Alpha-Lactalbumin Review

PUBLISHED: 04/09/2012 by BR Technical
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Alpha-Lactalbumin is marketed as product that can help a person feel more alert and focused in completing their daily tasks with ease. This supplement is created and manufactured by Biozzz, a company based in the USA, where they score a good reputation. They produce a variety of supplements for both the mind and the body. Alpha-Lactalbumin is promoted as a way to reduce stress and improve overall mood.

Unlike many similar products, Alpha-Lactalbium is offered is the form of a power that should be mixed with water in order to create a shake. This shake will then increase the body’s protein levels considerably, upon consumption. However, it is not indicated you try to replace any of the 3 daily meals, like other protein shakes.

The product’s main ingredient is called Tryptophan, which is a powerful amino acid not too commonly found in food supplements. It helps a person feel more alert and experience less stress throughout the day, ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.

Alpha-Lactalbumin Ingredients

Alpha-Lactalbumin contains: ALPHA 10, ALPHA 20.

Product Features

A combination of amino acids and minerals, Alpha-Lactalbumin’s main ingredient (Tryptophan) is believed to help with increasing energy levels, regulating mood and even fight fatigue. This supplement contains various minerals that are necessary for the body to function properly at all times.

This product isn’t habit forming and is less likely to causes side-effects, since it does not contain any artificial stimulants or caffeine. It is also gluten free so the body is able to digest it with ease. It does not contain any fat, lactose, sugar, or carbohydrates. However, we could not find the clinical tests conducted in order to match the results that would indicate the supplement’s properties.

The product can be used occasionally, as a morning boost, or regularly (daily), in order to benefit from it fully. The thickness of the shake desired will determine how much of the product is added to the water to make it. Many consumers experiment to find the right consistency that they are satisfied with.

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  • Testimonials indicate the product tastes good and is easy to use.
  • Can be used as an early morning boost, to improve alertness.
  • People that experience daily stress and fatigue recommend this product.
  • A monthly supply of the product is very affordable (3 months’ supply at around $50).


  • Very little information is offered on researching the product or its ingredients.
  • Independent studies have not been conducted.
  • No free trial is offered.
  • No money-back guarantee


It is uncertain whether the product will work to the extent it is marketed and promoted by its supplier, but Alpha-Lactalbumin’s main amino acid has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental alertness. It is hard to pinpoint if this specific formula does indeed provide the benefits needed in order for it to accomplish its purpose, but that is also due to the many variables that play a role in considering this supplement’s effectiveness.

If proven to work, via further testing and research, many customers would probably purchase it in order to reduce fatigue and stress build up. Since you do not need a prescription in order to get Alpha-Lactalbumin, customers are also tempted by it’s reasonable cost. While it might be easy to use, with clear intended use directions, the product’s claims don’t seem to be too realistic. We recommend you resort to other food supplements if you find this one will not live up to your expectations.

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