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Almased Review
Almased Review

PUBLISHED: 01/28/2016 by breditor
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There has been a lot of buzz around this relatively new meal-replacement shakes called Almased, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer-service quality.

Part of a more complex diet plan – commonly known as The Almased Synergy Diet Program – Almased is a weight loss drink developed and produced by the USA company Almased. This product relies on a specialized, all-natural drink as part of the company’s diet program.

According to the manufacturer, this weight loss supplement – but mainly their diet program – will help people lose up to 15 lbs. in 6 weeks by following a relatively simple diet that combines liquid fasting and nutritionally based meals.


Almased contains the following ingredients: Almased contains the following ingredients: Fat 1.5% (Saturated fat 0.5g, Polyunsaturated fat 0.1g, Monosaturated fat 0.4g), Sodium 340mg, Potassium 500mg, Carbohydrates 15g (Dietary fiber 0.5g, Sugars 12g), Protein 27g (L Tyrosine, L Methionine, L Cystine, L Threonine, L Tryptophan, L Leucine, L Isoleucine, L Valine, L Histidine, L Arginine, and L Phenylalanine), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Iron.

Product Features

To start with, Almased is a meal replacement containing a mixture of fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder and honey enzymes. When mixed into a shake and taken twice a day, the product claims to support weight loss. According to the company, one of the features that differentiates Almased from other similar supplements is that you can consume it anywhere and it’s easy to mix.

It is important to note that Almased doesn’t include synthetic ingredients, which is a huge positive. However, according to a good number of consumers’ testimonials we found online, Almased is not exactly delicious. In fact, many customers reported quickly getting tired of the flavor. “I started Almased today and am having a terrible time making this stuff taste good enough to keep down,” said one customer online.

The lack of relevant clinical studies and trials is another concern we have. For us at BrainReference.com, being able to find documented scientific research about a supplement’s ingredients supporting brain health, weight-loss, or any other health concern, is critical to us. If there’s no good science, we see big red flags.

Almased appears to be an excellent example here. Although the official website claims the supplement is “scientifically proven,” our research team was unable to find published studies or any evidence of clinical research that speak directly to the weight-loss benefits of the ingredients in Almased’s formula.

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Sale Price: $27.97

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com


  • The formula contains all-natural ingredients;
  • Unlike other weight loss supplements, Almased can be consumed anywhere and is easy to mix;
  • People interested in this weight loss supplement can safely purchase it directly from its official website.


  • Compared to other weight loss supplements, Almased is quite expensive, priced at $99.95 per kit or $34.95 per canister;
  • The formula contains soy, skim milk and yogurt powder, making it dangerous to dieters with soy allergies or lactose intolerance;
  • There are no money-back guarantees that we could find.
  • Some users have complained about the mixture’s bad taste.


We believe this weight loss supplement represents a perfect example of balance between advantages and disadvantages. According to the company, the formula does not include any synthetic ingredients, which is encouraging. But in the same time, Almased does not offer any substitutes for those with soy allergies or lactose intolerance.

Almased has been on the market for a very long time (it was first released as part of The Almased Synergy Diet Program back in 1998), which is a good sign. But at the same time its weight-loss claims are not backed by published clinical studies.

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Almased Review
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