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Alfalfa Extract Review
Alfalfa Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 03/05/2013 by breditor
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Alfalfa Extract

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Alfalfa Extract is a tincture based on alfalfa leaves, which are a common ingredient in herbal remedies for congestion, high cholesterol, joint inflammations, and other conditions. The company behind this product is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs prepares and distributes many single-herb and combination herbal extracts both in bulk and in small-sized containers. Moreover, its herbalists have developed body care products and formulations for a number of health problems. The ingredients are high-quality certified organic or wild harvested plants, according to the claims of Mountain Rose Herbs. The company is in addition a promoter of fair trade practices.

Mountain Rose Herbs claims that Alfalfa Extract is a certified organic tincture based on dried leaves. It was manufactured using one part herb and four parts grain alcohol. The manufacturer does not list any ailment claims for this product. We would like however to note that alfalfa is a medicinal herb which, according to folklore, has many uses like controlling bad cholesterol levels (already backed up by scientific studies). Research is nonetheless ongoing for congestion, blood circulation, and arthritis among other. The product might be helpful to people who suffer from one of these medical conditions or just want to prevent them.

Alfalfa Extract Ingredients

Alfalfa Extract contains the following ingredients: Alfalfa Dried leaf and grain alcohol.

Product Features

Alfalfa Extract is an herbal liquid formula which may be used for various medicinal purposes such as for congestion (laboratory tests have backed up this view), for managing cholesterol levels (this ailment claim has actually been proven through scientific studies), stomach and intestinal problems, bladder, prostate and kidney medical conditions (scientific research is rather limited for these ailment claims with some specialists actually claiming that alfalfa cannot treat bowel diseases), and arthritis (laboratory studies back up this claim).

The herb is known to interfere with the effect of birth control pills and with blood thinners (such as Coumadin and aspirin). The producer also mentions some side effects. For instance, alfalfa may interfere with medication prescribed after organ transplants, which helps the body not to reject the new organ. In addition, consuming large amounts of alfalfa is not safe, as it can increase the red cell count, enlarge the spleen, and cause lupus to relapse.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, alfalfa may be used in teas, tablets or capsules, as well as in salads. You should use one or two teaspoons for one cup of tea, and should not have more than three tablespoons of alfalfa in one day. Moreover, you should not exceed 12 capsules of one gram in any one day. The producer, however, does not give indications as to the maximum daily recommended dose of Alfalfa Extract.

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  • It costs $7.5-$9.5 per ounce which would recommend it as affordable
  • It is certified organic
  • The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Shipping fees are high (when you order from the producer)
  • There are very few online consumer reviews
  • It has not been evaluated by the FDA


Alfalfa Extract is a tincture made of alfalfa leaves. The product should be effective in lowering cholesterol and possibly other illnesses, based on anecdotal use, provided it is of good quality and used in the correct amounts. The producer does not recommend a maximum dose however. In addition, we have found few customer reviews online, so we do not have much information about the quality of the product.

In our view, you should ask for medical advice before using Alfalfa Extract on a regular basis if you suffer from a certain medical condition, as alfalfa interacts with some drugs (as mentioned above).

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