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Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin Review
Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin Review

PUBLISHED: 12/03/2013 by BR Moderator
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Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin

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Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin represents an addition to a healthy diet which seeks to improve the health of the liver while also helping the organism in the processes of detoxification. Another important set of benefits advertised by the Alfa Vitamins Manufacturer refer to brain and cognitive functions resulting in enhanced memory, concentration, focus and attention improved throughout time.

The business that created and released this remedy on the nutritional market goes by the name of Alfa Vitamins. Their facilities are located in Florida, US. Founded in 2000, the business currently has more than 1670 retail outlets which feature supermarkets, recognized pharmacies and other establishments from the commercial domain. The company states that their manufacturing processes are conducted according to the GMP certifications and all their manufacturing processes follow the guidelines of the United States Pharmacopoeia and Department of Agriculture.

Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin has one main ingredient, particularly soy-extracted Lecithin. It is recommended for everyone that desires to receive a natural help, as an addition to a healthy dieting and exercising program. Although it is not stated by the manufacturer, it seems that the product is designed to address adult needs more than the needs of children.

Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin Ingredients

Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin contains the following ingredients: Soy Lecithin, phophatidylcholine, and phosphatidylserine.

Product Features

Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin represents a dietary supplement based on a natural ingredient which is mainly recommended for individuals that have been consuming foods that feature high-cholesterol or who have been drinking alcohol excessively. Because it helps the body with the cleansing processes, the product may be regarded as a good supplementation in these specific cases.

The core ingredient of Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin is the one that actually gives its name, Soy Lecithin. Numerous other benefits are scientifically validated for Lecithin, although results in some cases remain contradictory.

However, there were a series of clinical studies that point out to its benefits regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and there is a solid argument for these benefits. Lecithin is believed to be successful because it is further converted into Acetylcholine which increases the time-response of nerve transmissions and directly boosts memory.
Phosphatidylcholine, a component of Lecithin, prevents fat accumulation in the liver and minimizes damage by done by alcohol and fast-food consumption, and an overall unbalanced way of living in general.

Although this product comes with a series of beneficial effects, if the treatment isn’t followed considering the label dosages, Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin may have some unwanted side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or nausea.

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  • The core ingredient of the supplement has been tested and results are encouraging so far
  • It can be used to treat some symptoms caused by heavy and prolonged drinking, while also improving the cognitive functioning, hence a wide spectrum of benefits
  • limited number and severity of side effects


  • There are a series of unwanted effects that may appear not mentioned by the manufacturer
  • The product seems to be more destined to adults than children, even though the manufacturer doesn’t specify so
  • There are still discussions surrounding the core ingredient of this formula


Overall, Alfa Vitamins Soy Lecithin is a natural supplement used to help the body get the cleanse it requires in an easier way. It is suggested mainly for people that have undergone periods of alcohol consumption of fast-food eating and strongly need an addition to their dieting. The product should help the body get rid of some fats and lipids while also providing a boost to cognitive health. It seems to be an affordable remedy which is easily accessible to everyone who desires a treatment for the above mentioned reasons. Although Lecithin does not come with serious side effects, if the recommended amounts are exceeded over prolonged periods, some may appear.

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