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Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage Review
Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage Review

PUBLISHED: 06/12/2013 by breditor
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Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage

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Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage is a dietary supplement featuring one active substance: the connective tissue from the shark’s skeleton (cartilage). The benefits of this Alfa Vitamins Laboratories manufactured formula are not explicitly listed by the producer, but the active ingredient is attributed with many health benefits such as anti-cancer and digestive protection, arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment, Psoriasis treatment, vision support, anti-inflammatory effects in the joints, immune function enhancer, and many others.

The company that produces this formula is Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, a U.S based manufacturer from Doral City, Florida. The company was established in 1994 as a nutritional foods producer and today it distributes its products in 51 countries worldwide. The manufacturing processes are overseen by 12 quality professionals while following the guidelines imposed by the FDA, USP and Department of Agriculture.

As Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage’s health benefits are not detailed by the manufacturer, we can only assume that it is designed for the use of adults who are interested in improving their overall health. According to the general published benefits of this active ingredient, it may also be suitable for patients suffering from different types of cancers, affections of the eye, joint problems, and kidneys affections.

Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage is not advertised for a specific disorder, but anyone interested in buying the formula may read about the action of this substance from numerous researches involving it.

Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage Ingredients

Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage contains the following ingredients: Shark cartilage, White Rice Flour, Gelatin from Capsule, and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage is based on the single active ingredient listed in the product name.

Similar supplements enjoy a great popularity today and are advertised as effective in the treatment or prevention of various conditions including cancers. It is believed that this substance prevents and reduces cancers due to its ability to prevent angiogenesis – the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels. This is important in the case of malignant tumors which are prevented from growing.

However, scientific studies don’t approve these claims and even link use of shark cartilage to some other severe conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Some trials on patients with cancer showed insignificant if no improvements of their health after consuming products based on this extract.

There is some evidence of its effectiveness in the treatment of less severe conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. One study revealed that a gram of dried powder per 15 pounds of body weight showed significant improvements in patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In case of capsules, a quantity of approximately 1500 mg per 20 pounds had the same benefits and the pain was noticeable much lower. The study also states that it is sufficient to use the supplements for a short period of 2-3 weeks in order to see the first improvements.

Side effects of shark cartilage use are nausea, constipation, bad taste in the mouth, low blood pressure, high blood pressure and calcium levels, fatigue, and dizziness.

Alfa Vitamins Shark Cartilage does not seem to be the subject of a clinical trial. The suggested use is 2 capsules daily preferably with a meal. No other instructions, warnings, or interactions with other drugs are made about the use of this formula.

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  • Alfa Vitamins is an experienced manufacturer
  • Discounts are offered for online purchasing (with coupons)
  • Secured online purchasing
  • Full or partial refund is offered
  • International delivery


  • No clinical research involving this formula is made public
  • Lack of reviews from consumers
  • Controversial ingredients (effectiveness is not supported by most of the clinical researches)
  • No money back guarantee


The presented formula is a dietary supplement offered in capsules of 1500 mg each. It is advertised as reach in essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, mucopolysaccharides and protein. Shark cartilage based products are usually recommended for conditions affecting the joints, for healing wounds, eye problems, and even in the treatment of several types of cancers. The biggest disadvantage of this product is that of being available for online purchasing from a single source, and the lack of testimonials from consumer, while similar products are highly promoted on various dedicated websites. A healthcare provider should be consulted before starting using any dietary supplement.

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