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Alfa Vitamins Green Tea Review
Alfa Vitamins Green Tea Review

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2013 by breditor
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Alfa Vitamins Green Tea

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Alfa Vitamins Green Tea is advertised as a dietary supplement designed to act as a daily tonic and enhancer of brain, heart and immunity functions. The business that delivers the product at international level is known as Alfa Vitamins.

They have been members of the nutritional field since 2000. Their establishment was set in Doral City, Florida, the United States where they have a facility that expands on more than 150.000 square feet. From this area, approximately eighty seven thousand square feet are air-conditioned in order to preserve the ingredients at optimum quality. Furthermore, they state that their quality processes are ensured by the GMP certification and Standards of Operations Procedures. These quality processes are supervised by a team of 12 professionals including chemical engineers, analysts and pharmacists. They currently sell a wide array of products which are advertised for specific health conditions.

The formula uses a single ingredient with qualities that have been researched throughout the past years, Green Tea. Despite the fact that there are more ways in which Green Tea can be delivered to the organism, this company chooses the encapsulation approach because they considered it superior in terms of effectiveness and absorption.

Alfa Vitamins Green Teais mainly suggested for adults who lead stressful and demanding lives, but can also be consumed by elders who need a natural enhancer or children whose parents are concerned because they may not receive basic bodily requirements from their diets.

Alfa Vitamins Green Tea Ingredients

Alfa Vitamins Green Tea contains the following ingredients: Green Tea (300 mg).

Product Features

Alfa Vitamins Green Tea represents a dietary supplement meant to enhance immunity, cardiovascular system and give a boost to mental alertness and other cognitive functions. The manufacturer even suggests that it can be taken as a daily tonic due to some properties that the core ingredient has.

The product features a single ingredient which actually gives its name. It is generally obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinesis which have undergone the lowest oxidation while processing. Although it originates in China, the plant has rapidly become associated to other Asian cultures as well and gained popularity in Europe and USA.

The herb is usually included in supplements meant to enhance thinking processes and memory. Because it contains caffeine in proportion of 2:4, it improves the function of brain messages which are important to preventing a series of disease related to cognitive functionality, such as Parkinson’s disease. Although research studies are still being conducted, the ingredient have proven reliable through a series of tests. Additionally, this component improves the cardiovascular system because it offers antioxidants and other substances that protect blood vessels and the heart.

Green tea is viewed as likely safe for the majority of adults. However, there are some individuals that may experience constipation and stomach upset. Moreover, there were some cases in which people reported developing Alfa Vitamins Green Tea side effects like liver problems as a result from long-term use.

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  • The shipping of the product is free and should arrive in a maximum of 24 hours
  • Green Tea is the only ingredient of this supplement and has proved beneficial when it comes to the cognitive and cardiovascular system
  • Due to the antioxidants delivered by this remedy, people may also have their immunity system improved


  • There is no specific information about the qualities of Alfa Vitamins Green Tea on their official page, mere suggestions are made
  • No information regarding potential side-effects or individuals who should avoid its use is presented on the official website
  • The product may present with serious side-effects in some individuals
  • Green Tea contains caffeine


Created by a well-known company that has been on the nutritional market for more than fourteen years, Alfa Vitamins Green Tea promises to deliver the proper amounts of its core ingredient on a daily basis. It comes in an easy-to-use capsule form that facilitates its use. On a general level, it should have a positive impact on the organism, with particularities linked to the cognitive, cardiovascular and immune systems. Because of the quantities included, it may prove reliable in treating symptoms related to some memory or thinking diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

However, research is still in development and there is no general conclusion at the moment. Although it is mainly suggested for stressed adults or elders who require a daily boost extra to their daily diets, it can also be consumed by children. Parents who decide to give Alfa Vitamins Green Tea to their children should consult a personal healthcare provider prior to beginning doing so.

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