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Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry Review
Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry Review

PUBLISHED: 04/20/2013 by BR Publishing
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Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry

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Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry is advertised as a potent antioxidant formulation and a weight-loss supplement, which incorporates the amazing properties of the Acai berry fruits. The manufacturing company is Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, a company based in the United States. Acai Berries are popular ingredients in anti-aging and weight-loss formulations due to a large amount of scientific research being published over the past decades.

Alfa Vitamins Laboratories owns a production facility of approximately 152,000 square feet in Florida United States which ensures a production capacity of more than 250.000 bottles per day. The manufacturer enjoys a worldwide presence of more than 50 countries, while in the United States the distribution network comprises more than 1600 retail units, distributors, pharmacies and other healthcare commercial stores. The manufacturer is compliant to FDA guidelines and the standards established by the Department of Agriculture and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry is designed to be used only by adults. While the manufacturer does not offer clear details on the potential therapeutic applications of the formula, research published so far on Acai indicates several uses, including in preventing age related damage that affects the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and skin.

Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry Ingredients

Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry contains the following ingredients: Acai Berry (Euterpe Oleracea) Fruit Powder, Gelatin from capsule, Flour (Wheat), and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

This dietary supplement features an extract of the fruits of Acai, a grape-like fruit originated in the rain-forests of South America. These fruits are touted as a super-food, due to the large number of different nutrients contained: vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, dietary fibers, Iron, etc. There is a large number of published research studies that supports various uses of these fruits, including cancer, weight-loss, elevated levels of cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, or detoxification.

Because there is a high antioxidant concentration inside the fruits, an entire set of potential benefits derive from this. Particularly, proposers of Acai say that the fruit may prevent many of the diseases caused by free radical damage, including cognitive dysfunctions, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular problems, and some forms of cancer. One study particularly shows that a daily dose of Acai pulp can significantly lower total cholesterol and blood sugar.

The ingredient is used on a large scale in a variety of products, from dietary supplements to beauty and personal care products. The weight loss benefit derive from the fact that the fruits are rich in dietary fiber; a serving contains 44 g equivalent of dietary fiber, more than what a normal adult is recommended to take daily.

There are no consumer testimonials published online. The recommended dose of Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry is two capsules daily taken with a meal, unless directed otherwise by a healthcare practitioner. There are a few minor side effects reported regarding Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry (such as bloating and constipation), but if you are taking any form of medication or suffer from allergies, it is advised you consult a doctor before beginning to take this supplement.

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  • Single ingredient, with published research backing up its benefits
  • Large number of nutrients contained by Acai berries
  • Highly reputable manufacturer, with a long tradition in developing and producing a wide range of supplements


  • No reviews from consumers to validate or contradict the benefit arguments
  • Certain side effects associated to Acai berries’ use


Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry has been praised for its large number of benefits, but particularly for its antioxidant capacity and for its ability to support a healthy, minimal side-effects weight loss process. Like all dietary supplements, this too should be taken under doctor’s supervision, because certain side effects are possible. The product is considered generally safe for use and drug interactions are minimal. The research published so far on Acai has managed to formulate a few clear conclusions, but further information need to be gathered to completely understand how it works and what its best uses are.

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Alfa Vitamins Acai Berry Review
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