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Alert Review
Alert Review

PUBLISHED: 10/03/2012 by BR Publishing
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Alert is a brain supplement marketed to protect against memory decline and to enhance mental sharpness and alertness. The product is offered by Herbal Medi Care, a division of Nature’s Brands. Herbal Medi Care offers a range of natural and organic herbal remedies.

According to the company, the products are made from 100% pure natural herbal ingredients, with no fillers, additives or animal by-products added. Also, all ingredients are certified organic or wild harvested to ensure superior purity and quality. The division was set up in 1995 and currently manufactures and markets more than 25 products.

The formula will benefit patients of all ages, assisting them with their particular needs: young people who need to focus on their exams, middle aged and elderly patients who wish to prevent age related memory decline. The manufacturer warns that people who take prescription blood thinning medication or who regularly take over the counter painkillers should consult a healthcare provider before using. The formula is also suited for vegetarians. Alert is recommended to people above the age of 18.

Alert Ingredients

Alert includes the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba (aerial) Organic, Gotu Kola (aerial) Organic, Ginseng (root) Organic, Hawthorn (berries) Organic, Ginger (root) Organic, and Rosemary (aerial) Organic.

Product Features

Marketed as a non-irradiated and additive free natural dietary supplement, Alert offers memory and mental support for patients of all ages in a combination of powerful herbal ingredients. The formula contains no additives.

Ginkgo Biloba is often used to promote memory enhancement, a property derived from the herb’s ability to improve brain circulation by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Ginkgo Biloba is also known as a powerful antioxidant, which makes it efficient in fighting free radical damage, and hence preventing brain function deterioration. Ginkgo is extremely popular today and is mostly used to help improve memory, alertness, clarity and relief depression and apathy symptoms.

Ginger is another herbal ingredient currently tested for its memory enhancing properties. A recent study conducted on 60 women who were given 400 to 800 mg of Ginger showed significant improvement of cognitive functions and an enhanced working memory. Ginger is known for its antioxidant properties. Although considered generally safe, some people can have mild side effects including heartburn, diarrhea and stomach discomfort

Hawthorn has been used to treat heart disease since the 1st century. Today, the herb is known to strengthen capillaries, to treat high blood pressure and to provide antioxidant protection to tissue against free radicals.

There are no consumer reviews available to determine whether the formula works or not. The manufacturer warns that the supplement may interact with blood thinning medication. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules taken up to 2 times a day.

Sale Price: $24.94

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • The formula contains organically grown herbal ingredients
  • Vegetarian, non-irradiated and additive free formula
  • The main ingredients have been extensively researched and proven effective in brain-related conditions
  • 60 day money back guarantee available


  • Lack of consumer reviews
  • Potential side effects of the main ingredients
  • The formula comes with several precautions and safety warnings which should be carefully considered


Alert is marketed as a potent herbal formulation and natural alternative for preventing memory deterioration as well as for supplying the brain with the nutrients required for a sharp and alert mind. Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn are all well known traditional remedies for memory and brain performance. Numerous scietific studies have demonstrated their effectiveness. Hence, the combination may potentially ensure that Alert works and accomplishes its purpose. However, in the absence of any scientific or empirical evidence, we cannot say for sure to what extent the formula is effective.

Also, some of the main ingredients may cause side effects or interact with other drugs to produce serious adverse effects. Therefore, we recommend you seek specialized advice before you start using the supplement.

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