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Advanced PCT Review
Advanced PCT Review

PUBLISHED: 06/01/2013 by BR Moderator
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Advanced PCT

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Advanced PCT is advertised as natural product meant to re-balance hormonal levels after an anabolic cycle. It mostly focuses on improving the natural testosterone production that generally decrease after training has ended, to the point of muscular loss.

The business behind this natural supplement is named Athletic Xtreme. The company states that their hallmark is based on customer support, teaching their customers about the effective ways of enhancing their lives with the help of well-written articles and innovation. Moreover, they claim that all of their formulators have PhDs or masters in areas like Pharmacology, Nutrition Science, or another related domain. The information provided is categorized into four major categories which are research, training, and supplements, most of them featuring personal forums as well as applications.

Advanced PCT relies on a combination between an amino-acid, two herbal extracts, and a natural aromatase and desires to provide a balance for the hormonal system of people who are going through intense physical training such as athletes or amateur sportive. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that every ingredient was researched and integrated within precise ratios. On the other hand, none of these claims have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration, thus the product can’t prevent or treat any type of disease

Advanced PCT Ingredients

Advanced PCT contains the following ingredients: 7-Methoxyflavone, Cordyceps Sinensis (20% polysaccharides), L-HIstidine HCI, and Grape Seed Extract.

Product Features

Like its name points out, Advanced PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) represents a natural supplement that has been created to balance the testosterone and estrogen levels following a pro-hormone treatment. The motive behind the design of this product is the fact that in the majority of cases, after- and pre -steroid cycles, the organism will lower the estrogen levels, thus leading to a strength and muscular loss, weight gain, or some unwanted side-effects such as gynecomastia.

With the idea of improvement in physical endurance in mind, the business utilized ingredients like Cordyceps Sinesis in the formulation. Commonly known by the name of berk, this ingredient is actually an herbal extract that has been popular in Chinese regions for centuries. Traditionally, it was used for invigoration, health preservation, as well as fatigue reduction. Even though further research is needed in this field, the component has proved reliable when it comes to enhancement of physical ability and overall well-being, according to some customer testimonials and studies. Moreover, patients suffering from lung, renal failure, and chronic pulmonary disease had good responses to the berk treatment, thus it doesn’t negatively affect this organs and potentially helps the organism recover from these conditions.

Another ingredient featured in Advanced PCT is 7-methoxyflavone, often confused to 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, but unrelated as qualities. This component basically binds the testosterone and muscle androgens and modifies them into estrogen. Therefore, it helps with the hormonal imbalance. The evidence linked to this ingredient is too inconclusive and it may sometimes lead to some unwanted side-effects, particularly if the dosage isn’t properly followed.

Sale Price: $59.99

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • Most of the customer testimonials revealed promising results
  • Contained ingredients were chosen based on some clinical studies and previous positive effects
  • The company has a fast and worldwide shipping policy which gives the client an advantage


  • No information is given about potential side-effects
  • Women, children and people under the age of eighteen can’t use this product
  • There is no free sample offered


Advanced PCT is advertised a dietary supplement that aims to balance the estrogen and testosterone levels, within the organism, which are often unbalanced as the result of a steroid treatment. It is suggested for athletes as well as amateur sportive over the age of eighteen. It is of high importance to keep in mind that the supplement should definitely be avoided by children, female, or men who are less than eighteen years old and it may cause some bodily damage if not. Its components haven’t been generally researched, and additional testing is needed. On the other hand, it does reveal promising results and the majority of customer testimonials point out towards its effectiveness. So far, on a general level, it hasn’t presented serious side effects on its utilization.

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