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Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome Review
Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome Review

PUBLISHED: 01/21/2013 by BR Moderator
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Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome

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Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome is a dietary supplement advertised to promote a healthy eye and heart function. No further details are offered by the manufacturing company Golden Glow regarding the formula’s core benefits. However, the product description disclosed by the manufacturer mentions that the supplement is able to also offer antioxidant protection, from which a number of other benefits might arise.

However, Golden Glow fails to list the product’s other benefits. We will analyze them in the following sections by using the existing research available on the formula’s core ingredient, the Grapeseed Phytosome. Golden Glow is one of Australia’s most important and largest distributors of dietary supplements, healthcare formula,s and home care products. The company was initiated over 35 years ago and has since expanded globally. The current products included in the company’s portfolio fall into the following categories: vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas and beauty, and skin and care products. The company has a well-developed customer-orientation policy and offers their customers and potential clients the possibility to address any questions regarding the company’s formulas to a naturopath. The naturopath team can be reached online by using the company’s official website.

Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome is designed for adult use only. Unfortunately, for reasons undisclosed the product is no longer in the manufacturer’s portfolio.

Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome Ingredients

Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome includes the following ingredients: Vitis vinifera (Grape Seed) extract.

Product Features

Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome is based on an extract from grape seed.

Phytosomes are complexes of phospholipids and a natural active ingredient designed with the purpose of making the active ingredients more effective. Their core advantage over traditional herbal extracts is that they are better absorbed and hence more effectively utilized by the body. Various Phytosomes currently exist on the market for herbal supplements, including the Turmeric extract Phytosome, the Green Tea extract Phytosome or the Grape Seed extract Phytosome to name the most popular.

The Grape Seed Extract Phytosome combines and enhances the multitude of health benefits of Grape seed, particularly its antioxidant properties. Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome advertises to contain a variety of powerful antioxidant compounds such as Vitamin E, flavonoids or OPC’s (a group of compounds considered one of the most potent existing free radical scavengers). The Grape seed extract has been credited for a large number of benefits, most of which have been attributed to its antioxidant effects. Some studies indicate that Grape seed extract is 50 times more potent in antioxidant terms than vitamin E. As main benefits marketed for the grape seed extract we mention treatment for heart disease, macular degeneration, stroke, heart disease benefits, liver damage treatment, memory loss, impaired memory, and even Alzheimer’s disease prevention. The extract can be safely used by most people, however some may experience nausea, dizziness, itchy scalp and headaches.

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily with food. No consumer testimonials could be identified online.

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  • A 30-day money-back guarantee available was offered by the manufacturer
  • Phytosomes increase absorption and effectiveness of herbal extracts


  • The formula has been discontinued for motives unknown


Grape seed has received increased attention from researchers and dietary supplements manufacturers all over the world. Its apparently remarkable antioxidant properties have brought public popularity as well, making Grape seed a fairly common ingredient in herbal remedies. Although Advanced Herbals Grapeseed Phytosome has been discontinued for reasons that are not made publicly available, we can say that Grape seed Phytosomes have been demonstrated to have superior properties to Grape seed extracts alone. Preliminary studies estimate that one 50 mg capsule of Grape Seed Phytosome may be as effective as 150 mg of simple grape seed extract. We recommend that you talk to a healthcare provider about alternatives.

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