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Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri Review
Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri Review

PUBLISHED: 09/21/2012 by brreader
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Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri

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Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri is a dietary supplement designed to support a healthy memory. The formula is marketed by Advance Physician Formulas, a company specialized in the production and sale of nutritional supplements. The company claims their products are science-based and are developed by specialized professionals (doctors and herbalists) using the highest quality raw materials. Dr. Ray Sahelian, the worldwide renowned nutritionist and author, formulated several products for the company.

The manufacturer claims the supplement uses a standardized extract of Bacopa Monnieri, (meaning 45 mg of Bacopa Saponins containing 45 mg of Bacosides A and B). Standardized extracts are always superior to other extracts in terms of safety, because generally these standardized forms are used in clinical trials and research studies, hence specialists know what to expect from the compound when it comes to potential benefits and associated side effects.

The manufacturer does not provide much information regarding other benefits of the formula or specific ailment claims. The supplement being reviewed is however gluten free, therefore people with an intolerance to gluten can still safely use the formula.  Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri is designed to help adults who are interested in maintaining a healthy cognitive function, especially a healthy memory function.

Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri Ingredients

Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri includes the following ingredients: Organic Bacopa whole plant (Bacopa Monnieri Pennell) standardized extract (45 mg Bacopa Saponins containing Bacosides A&B).

Product Features

Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri is a single ingredient herbal formulation based on a standardized extract of Bacopa Monnieri.

Also known as Brahmi, the herb is an Indian plant traditionally used as an Ayurvedic medicinal treatment for a variety of conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, ulcers, indigestion or inflammations.

Modern scientists have discovered that the plant consists of a large number of active constituents including Alkaloids, Saponins and Bacosaponins (Bacosides A, B etc.). Bacosides A and B appear to have antioxidant and liver protective potential. Out of a total of 225 mg  Bacopa per capsule, 45 mg consists in Saponins Containing Bacoside A and B.

Several studies conducted on animals revealed Bacopa Monnieri benefits memory capacity as well as learning ability. The plant seems to increase retention in people suffering from memory impairment as well.

Advance Physician Formulas product has not been involved in clinical trials. In order to reduce the occurrence of potential side-effects the company claims they use the minimum amount of active ingredient known to be efficient. The suggested dose is 1 caplet a few times a week or as recommended by the healthcare professional. No other precautions or warnings are issued by the manufacturer. Consumer reviews are scarce and insufficient in our endeavor to establish the formula’s actual effectiveness.

Sale Price: $13.95

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  • Discounts are offered by the manufacturer
  • Free shipping is available for orders over $70 within the US territory
  • The formula comes with a low price for a few months supply
  • Refunds are offered under certain conditions
  • A standardized extract of the plant is used, an extract which has been used in trials and proven safe


  • Lack of reviews from consumers referencing the supplement
  • No clinical evidence of studies are available on the formula
  • There is little information about the product’s specific action and benefits (only a general description of the Bacopa Monnieri benefits)


Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri is offered as a science-based, standardized formula extract of Bacopa Monnieri offered to support memory function. The product bears very little differentiation from Bacopa extracts offered by other suppliers. Most of the information offered for the product revolve around the general uses of Bacopa Monnieri as a nutritional supplement and the product’s interactions with other formulas offered by the manufacturer.

The formula may potentially work, if we judge by the fact that Bacopa has been generally reported to give good results. It is however unclear why a consumer would chose this product over other alternative products.

The active ingredient is considered potentially safe with no noticeable side effects. However Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri is not an FDA approved supplement and should be considered with caution by those with known medical conditions.

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Advance Physician Formulas Bacopa Monnieri Reviewbrreader32016-05-21 12:09:31
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