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Adrenal Desiccated Review
Adrenal Desiccated Review

PUBLISHED: 10/31/2012 by breditor
Editor's Review: 3.2/5.0
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Adrenal Desiccated

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Adrenal Desiccated is a dietary supplement advertised to support endocrine function, with direct benefits on the adrenal function. The core benefits of the formula as the manufacturing company Standard Process advertises them include assisting with stress management, supporting energy needs and ensuring optimum immune system function.

Standard Process is a company established in 1923 in the United States. All company products are claimed to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. The company offers more than 300 products (including veterinary formulas, whole food supplements, and herbal supplements) and is currently one of the most important dietary supplements manufacturers in the United States.

The formula was introduced on the dietary supplements market in 1959. Adrenal Desiccated is recommended to adults who wish to support endocrine system and adrenal glands optimum function.

Adrenal Desiccated Ingredients

Adrenal Desiccated includes the following ingredients: Calcium, Proprietary Blend: Bovine adrenal and carrot (root), Calcium lactate, honey, Arabic gum, and Calcium Stearate.

Product Features

Adrenal Desiccated combines bovine origin adrenal compounds and carrot powder to support adrenal function. Carrot Powder contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins, such as vitamins A and C. These antioxidants help stimulate the immune system and protect the body cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C is considered extremely important to normal adrenal function. The highest levels of vitamin C are found in the brain tissues and in adrenal glands. During increased stress, the urinary excretion of vitamin C is increasing, hence depleting vitamin C and impairing adrenal function. Supplementation of vitamin C during stressful situations may help prevent depletion.

Bovine adrenal, the other core ingredient of the formula, is claimed to provide complete range of amino acids for rebuilding proteins involved in the functioning of adrenal function. One of their most important functions of adrenal glands is managing the body’s response to stress. The glands release the hormone Cortisol in response to stressful situations helping with stress management. Prolonged periods of stress can cause an illness called adrenal fatigue, a condition which manifests itself through tiredness, mood imbalances (such as depression symptoms) and low energy levels.

The daily serving of Adrenal Desiccated is 2 tablets. Consumer reviews are generally positive an report the product is effective in assisting fatigue symptoms, anxiety disorder symptoms and stress management. The formula is designed for short-term use; however, many consumers report using them on a regular basis (some for many years on end).

Sale Price: $45.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Overall consumers report being satisfied with the formula
  • Affordable price (roughly $13 for a 45-day supply)


  • There is no money-back guarantee available for the formula
  • Designed for short-term use (although consumers report using them for extended periods of time)


Adrenal Desiccated is a dietary supplement available in the manufacturer’s portfolio since 1959. The numerous consumer reviews available report the formula is extremely effective and delivers the advertised benefits. Although not intended for long-term use, consumers report using it successfully for the long term management of symptoms such as fatigue, stress and anxiety. However, these imbalances may indicate the existence of more serious physical or psychological conditions and we advise you to seek the advice of a physician if symptoms persist. We do not encourage self administration of healthcare products under any circumstances and we advocate for specialized advice before using any dietary supplement.

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Adrenal Desiccated Reviewbreditor32016-04-30 12:09:31
Adrenal Desiccated Review
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    The info reported that it was for short term use. If it has been used for a couple of years, what is the way to wean oneself of it? There are symptoms of tingling, loss of appetite & muscle weakness