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ADDTabz Review
ADDTabz Review

PUBLISHED: 07/28/2013 by BR Publishing
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ADDTabz has been advertised as a “Smart Drug.” The formula manufactured by Gentech Pharmaceutical is presented as being a non-prescription formula designed to promote brain health and support brain functions like memory, cognition, and learning. Secondary benefits include boosting mood, reducing anxiety and improvement of brain function altogether.

The manufacturing company is a United States based company called Gentech Pharmaceutical, which also operates in the United Kingdom. The company presents itself as having the unique capacity of manufacturing formulas that are therapeutically advanced and  pharmaceutically safe. With an experience of more than 25 years, this company is most known for their research and development wings. The company also won several awards that testify to its activity, such as Best New product in 2005 and Product if the Year in 2010.

ADDTabz is designed for a wide array of people and satisfies the need for enhanced brain power in the academic as well as the business world. This formula can be also called a nootropic and is said to be able to prevent brain cell damage, however no actual evidence is brought to support this claim. ADDTabz also has an alternative form, a product called ADDTabz RX, which is also non-prescription, but can only be purchased through physicians.

ADDTabz Ingredients

ADDTabz contains the following ingredients: Dimethylamylamine, Ampheta-CDP, Octopamine-HCL, Methylhexaneamine, Trimethylxanthine, and Choline CDP.

Product Features

This is a non-prescription formula that uses a number of ingredients with proven brain health properties.

One of the ingredients present in this blend is called Dimethylamylamine, which is a laboratory made substance that was first used for its decongestant properties.The compound is now a popular ingredient in weight loss dietary supplements. This substance can also help with conditions like attention deficit-hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and is most effective in improving athletic performance. Some people consider the use of this ingredient unsafe, many presenting it with side effects such as increase in blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, as well as increased chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Another active principle used in ADDTabz is a B vitamin like substance that is naturally produced in the liver and is called Choline. The nutrient can also be obtained from diet sources like beans, peas, fish, or eggs. This ingredient has been found to be effective with a number of health conditions that affect the nervous system, showing positive effects with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, dementia, depression, or memory loss.

There are two forms in which ADDTabz is commercialized, one of a 20 tablet container and the other of a 40 tablet container, both having the suggested use of two tablets per day. The manufacturer claims side effects are minimal, without however listing them.

Sale Price: $69.00

Free Trial* Available: Yes

Store: Amazon

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  • This is a non-prescription formula
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping and several packs that come with price discounts
  • There are a number of positive online customer testimonials


  • There are some health concerns regarding one of the active ingredients
  • No free trials or money back guarantees are presented
  • The side effects or potential interactions are not disclosed by the manufacturer


ADDTabz seems to be a potent and effective nootropic formula. No clear effects regarding brain health improvement are supported by clinical evidence involving this particular formula however.  The manufacturer has an experience of more than 25 years in the business and has won some product awards throughout its existence. The ingredients used to create the formula are said to help with several conditions that affect the nervous system and the cognitive function such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, attention deficit-hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or memory loss. Side effects may occur resulting from the combination of the ingredients or from the ingredients themselves; however, there is no mentioning of such side effects.

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