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Adaptamax Review
Adaptamax Review

PUBLISHED: 04/10/2012 by breditor
Editor's Review: 2.2/5.0
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Adaptamax is advertised as an affordable herbal blend of ingredients that can be used to regulate mood and treat depression anxiety, or even bipolar disorder. Nature’s Sunshine is the company behind this product. Through the means of their website, they claim to have been the first company to encapsulate herbs nearly four decades ago. Now Nature’s Sunshine is represented by nearly 600.000 distributors and can be found in 30 countries.

Adaptamax’s name comes from the combination of adaptogens and nutrient-rich immune-supporting herbs it contains. It was designed to be a complete, energizing formula. However, we could not find any form of evidence or concrete clinical studies to support such statements. Among other claims, the company also says that their product will provide a person with renewed energy and the ability to overcome stress.

All in all, this supplement’s target seem to be people that want a cheep, “feel good” product that will improve mood while also fighting oxidative cellular damage.

Adaptamax Ingredients

AdaptaMax contains Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Korean ginseng, ashwaganda, rosemary, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, schizandra, astralagus, reishi mushroom, suma, Ginkgo biloba concentrate, alfalfa, kelp, and chromium in a protector herb base.

Product Features

Adaptamax may not be a household name for those new to food supplements, but most of its ingredients are well known for their properties and history in treating various illnesses. For example, Korean ginseng is known as a tonic, a way to treat diabetes and help develop human brain efficiency. This ingredient works well with the Ginkgo Biloba concentrate also found in Adaptamax, because it stimulates and improves blood circulation to the brain. It is also commonly used as a memory enhancer and anticoagulant.

Marketed as a herbal mixture that may reduce certain signs of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, Adaptamax is also claimed to reduce stress, slow down the process of ageing of the skin cells and even boost the immune system. However, costumers must not ignore the possible side-effects that may occur after consuming this supplement. Some users have reported adverse effects including diarrhea, headaches, dizziness and vomiting.

You are less likely to experience any negative effects if you do not exceed the daily recommended dose of 2 capsules up to 3 times per day. Starting out with a lower dose is also advised.

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  • The product’s manufacturer is trusted and well-known in the food supplement industry.
  • It’s made out of a natural blend of ingredients that some might be accustomed to.
  • Its considerably low price makes it very affordable.
  • Costumer testimonials on this product stay positive.


  • No free trial offers are available.
  • Some users have reported adverse effects, from headaches to vomiting.
  • Though most ingredients are researched individually, there is insufficient information offered on the herbal mixture this product contains.


While it might not be the best choice for those experiencing a more serious, chronic depression, Adaptamax is promoted to aid individuals experiencing memory loss and a certain degree of depression. Since it is cheap, easy to attain and made out of all-natural ingredients, it is considered to be a good addition on the supplement market.

Since results may vary from individual to individual, we cannot conclude whether the product works, or accomplishes its goal, but we do recommend choosing natural, herbal blend supplements over synthetic ones. It is also advised you only take a small dose at first and steadily increase it depending on you noticing changed in your mental and physical health.

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Adaptamax Review
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2 User Reviews about Adaptamax
  1. 1

    Bert Modderman

    Hi , had CFS (chronic fatigue) for almost 3 years and at my age of 90 I really was about to perish , at least that was how a felt despite all the help of my GP , who prescribed Metoprolol (beta blocker ?) and Thyroxin . Until my own research made me use dessicated thyroid and later stumbled on Ashwaganda , giving me immediate improvement . Further research made me try Adaptamax and it’s like having a second lease on life , taking it made me feel so good , except still having problems with my short time memory . Am intending to use Ginkgo Biloba for that , which is one of the herbs in the Adaptamax formula , but have to make sure first that I will not overdose or have negative interactions . Wish some knowledgeable people can help me with that .

    • 2

      Hi Bert,

      Well you can definitely overdose on Ginkgo and it can be extremely unpleasant. It can create serious adverse reactions in the stomach forcing vomiting and diarrhea and in some cases seizures.

      Being a 90 year old its even more important to realize that your body is not going to move the nutrients though your body as quickly because of less strength in your circulation among other things. If you want some ways that can help improve your memory, you can always exercise. There are new studies that show physical exercise like walking (even on a treadmill) and using weights (even minor ones) can improve memory and increase brain function.

      You can also use other herbs if you’re comfortable with that. Ginseng has been known to improve memory by increasing blood flow to the brain. Lemon Balm extract daily can also improve memory and brain power.