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Active 55 Plus Review
Active 55 Plus Review

PUBLISHED: 01/04/2017 by BR Publishing
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Active 55 Plus

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Aging is inevitable! It’s a process every one of us will undergo in due time. However, getting old at a very high rate is a problem that haunts most of us. Active 55 plus by Buried Treasure is a product designed to prevent you from aging. The product works effectively for both men and women at the ages of 55 and above. It is normal for you to feel weak as your body ages; however, it is important for you to eat well to meet your body’s nutritional requirement. Fortunately, Buried Treasure Active 55 plus is designed to give you the right balance of vitamins, minerals and herbs. When you get to the age of 55, you’ll realize that you need additional support for energy, vision health and the immune system. At such moments, Active 55 plus will be of significance to your life. Others claim that the product has proved to reduce aging effects among seniors.


Active 55 Plus contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A (15,000 IU), Vitamin C (500 mg), Vitamin D (1200 IU), Vitamin E (400 IU), Vitamin K (50 mcg), Vitamin B-1 (40 mg), Vitamin B-2 (40 mg), Niacin (50 mg), Vitamin B-6 (40 mg), Folic Acid (400 mcg), Vitamin B-12 (1,000 mcg), Biotin (300 mcg), Pantothenic Acid (75 mg), Calcium (100 mg), Iodine (100 mcg), Magnesium (50 mg), Zinc (15 mg), Selenium (100 mcg), Copper (1 mg), Manganese (3 mg), Chromium (100 mcg), Molybdenum (20 mcg), Potassium (99 mg), MSM (200 mg), Inositol (50 mg), Paba (50 mg), Citrus Bioflavonoids (80 mg), Choline Bitartrate (50 mg), Rutin (30 mg), Grape Seed extr. (15 mg), Bilberry extr. (10 mg), Ginkgo Biloba extr. (leaves) (10 mg), Rosemary extr. (leaves) (10 mg), Lutein (6 mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (5 mg), Boron (citrate) (2 mg), L-Glutathione (2 mg), Vanadium (1 mg), Lycopene (200 mcg), 70+ Plant Derived Minerals (120 mg).

Product Features

According to Buried Treasure, Active 55 plus is a nutritional formula that contains around a lot of nutrients known for reducing aging effects. Buried treasure claims that the product is a blend of approximately 100 nutrients. This product is designed specifically for seniors hence the reason it comes in liquid form. To enhance fast digestions and easy absorption! Seniors do not have a strong digestion system; hence, they must use liquid medicine. This product uses natural ingredients thus guaranteeing you of little or no side effects. From the product information, you will find that the product is preserved naturally using polylysine and nisine. The two natural preservatives guarantee the product long life!

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  • Well, seniors who have used Active 55 plus will agree that the product has many benefits. In fact, most online reviews will show that the product is highly rated for its benefits and strong ability to fight the effects of aging. Several people concur that the product is effective in boosting energy among seniors. In addition, seniors who use this product claim that it helps them improve their eyesight and immune system.
  • Another benefit is that the product is all-natural! It does not contain chemicals that may cause allergic reactions to your body. This product has a taste you’ll automatically love. Active 55 plus does not leave any weird taste in your mouth!


  • Apparently, the disadvantages of using this products are few. Some users claimed that the product failed to work as expected. This brings the notion that the product may not work for all seniors. In fact, there were claims that the drug contained the same ingredients as Tropical Oasis! Yet, it was less effective when compared. The product is designed with the sole purpose of benefiting seniors!


In summation, it is right to say that Active 55 plus will help you counter the effects of aging, improve your eyesight, immunity as well as boost your energy. Improve your health and lifestyle using Active 55 plus, do not allow aging to take control of your life!

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