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Action Labs Antioxidant Formula Review
Action Labs Antioxidant Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 06/14/2013 by breditor
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Action Labs Antioxidant Formula

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Action Labs Antioxidant Formula is promoted as a dietary supplement which was particularly created to keep the body’s daily functions and minimize damage caused by free radicals. It is actually a natural approach to prescribed drugs, but doesn’t seek to prevent, treat, or cure serious diseases, but only represents an enhancement of a healthy lifestyle. The business which manufactures it is called Action Labs.

This company has been a member of the nutritional market since 1964 and beginning with 1970 it has exported products to plenty of countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Macau, Jordan, Qatar, and Mexico. They state that their specialization contains of food supplement which rely on vitamins, minerals, tooth powder, and herbs. The company currently creates and further sells a wide array of supplements which are put under specific categories on their official website.

Action Labs Antioxidant Formula features a combination between three vitamins and a mineral and desires to sustain proper levels of its ingredients in order to prevent sleeplessness, as well as potential immunity problems. The quantity of each was chosen to either achieve or surpass the daily suggested amounts, but without the dangers of excesses if the label description is followed accordingly.

Action Labs Antioxidant Formula Ingredients

Action Labs Antioxidant Formula contains the following ingredients: Vitamins A, C, and E, and Selenium.

Product Features

Advertised as a formula which should prove sufficient when it comes to securing the organism’s protection on a regular if a healthy lifestyle is also include, Action Labs Antioxidant Formula features three vitamins and a mineral the amounts of each are reliable. All of its ingredients have been scientifically tested and have proven beneficial qualities as well as a connection with the health of the immune system.

For example, one of its ingredients is Vitamin E that possesses the quality of being fat-dissoluble. Despite the fact that it is often utilized as a form of prevention for cardiovascular issues like strokes, chest and leg pains related to blocked arteries as well as high blood pressure, there are other uses that were noticed in time. It is viewed as useful when it comes to the decrease of memory degeneration in problems of the brain like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and minimizes the effects of free radicals in the body because it is an antioxidant. Its importance is based on the fact that it affects the majority of bodily organs and processes, thus lower quantities or even deficiencies may negatively impact the whole body.

Side-effects linked to intake of dietary remedies which feature this component can be easily avoided by taking dosages less than 400 IU and this product has 100 IU.

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  • Included ingredients have been individually scientifically research and positive results were observed
  • The company has a rich background experience on nutritional market of more than forty years
  • Money-back guarantee is provided


  • No free samples before purchase
  • No counteractions and interdictions presented about this product, thus people require to either consult a personal healthcare provider or do some research
  • No FDA testing


Overall, Action Labs Antioxidant Formula represents a dietary remedy that targets providence of daily nourishment containing of minerals and vitamins in order to enhance the body’s protection against the damage which comes with viruses, fungi, or bacteria. It is suggested for adult-usage from a general point of view, but children may consume it too under surveillance. In case an individual thinks they might suffer from an allergy to any of its ingredients, it’s best to ask the advice of a personal healthcare provider before purchasing it. The price is regarded as moderate, specifically because a bottle can last for up to two months.

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