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Acai Berry Capsules Review
Acai Berry Capsules Review

PUBLISHED: 01/21/2013 by brreader
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Acai Berry Capsules

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Advertised to provide a multivitamin and antioxidant boost, Acai Berry Capsules delivers premium grade freeze dried Acai berries in the form of capsules. The manufacturing company, Amazonia, claims this formula is purity and potency guaranteed and is a natural whole food supplement. The manufacturer makes no actual benefit claims or clear specifications regarding the ailments the formula might assist with. However, there is a large amount of information (research based and non-research based) available on Acai and we will draw some conclusions to potential benefits of the formula in the following sections.

Amazonia is an international company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Acai based dietary supplements. The company’s current product range includes raw food bars, organic juices, raw food multivitamins, whole foods, powders, capsules, and other forms of Acai based formulations. The company has received numerous industry awards, including the 2011 Australian Business Awards Best Consumer Product (Amazonia Acai). The company is committed to supplying high quality, organic and natural formulations while ensuring all ethical standards are met and improved on a continuous base.

Acai Berry Capsules is claimed to be gluten free, wild gathered, raw, and vegan and hence can be used by a diversified array of customers.

Acai Berry Capsules Ingredients

Acai Berry Capsules includes the following ingredient: Certified organic freeze dried Acai berries 500mg, and Natural Citric Acid.

Product Features

Each capsule of Acai Berry Capsules contains the equivalent of 500mcg of Freeze Dried Acai.

Science behind the Acai berries has mainly focused on its potent antioxidant properties and the health benefits that derive from this. Particularly, the fruit originating in Brazil (Amazon) is claimed to have more antioxidants than any other food on earth. Additionally, Acai is a good source of fiber and heart-healthy fats, properties which expand its applicability areas.

Acai has been touted for numerous benefits on a number of health conditions caused by free radical damage, such as various immune system conditions, cognitive function ailments, cardiovascular conditions, and even some types of cancer. According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, a daily dose of Açai pulp may lead to a reduction in levels of blood sugar and total cholesterol.

Because of its antioxidant properties, Acai Berries are considered effective against aging processes of all kinds, and are a popular ingredient of anti-aging skin care cosmetics. Other uses include weight loss, due to its increased content of fiber (a serving contains as much as 44 g of dietary fiber, which exceeds the minimum daily requirements for an adult).

The manufacturer recommends taking 6 capsules of Acai Berry Capsules each day. The product comes in bottle of 60, 120, 240, 600 capsules.

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  • Vegetable capsules
  • Purity and potency guarantee, and natural whole food supplement
  • Acai Berries are potent antioxidants, and are rich in fiber and vitamins


  • A rather elevated price (a 40 days’ supply may cost as much as $85)
  • Acai Berries’ benefits are not fully supported by scientific research
  • No money-back guarantee available on the formula


Acai Berries currently enjoy much popularity, due to increased popularity and promotion of these fruits as a “superfood.” Although scientific research is currently limited, there are many who believe in their numerous properties. From weight loss to cardiovascular support, these fruits are now processed into powders, liquid formulas, capsules, bars and many other forms. Acai Berry Capsules from Amazonia are gluten free, raw and vegan formulation. There are no consumer experiences regarding the use of the product documented online, nor is there any clinical trials evidence made available by the manufacturing company. We recommend that, irrespective of the purpose for which you want to use this product, you seek specialized advice.

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